Cut Hours, “Everything”, Youth Sunday, etc

Well lesse, this week started out interesting. My hours were cut down, by 10 hours! So now I only have 17.5 hours of work this week, booooo. Oh well. Gives me more time to do things during the day that I need to get done.

I had to chance to record the song “Everything” by Lifehouse yesterday. It sounds pretty good on guitar. I haven’t recorded the vocals for it yet, but yeah, I recorded a video of me playing and singing it with my webcam, and it turned out pretty good. =) So hopefully it’ll sound really good.

Pastor Sandra’s wedding was just on Saturday. It was a nice wedding, held in church, so it was really really packed with about 250 people or so. Pastor Lim kept saying some funny stuff during the wedding (he was the minister, as well as the Father to the Bride), and I swear he was just gonna keep cracking up and crying at one point, hehe. I helped out with picking up the food and cleaning up afterwards. Got a lot of leftovers, oh man oh man, it’s a lot. haha. But I’m a starving college student, what can I say, it’s free! whoooo!

Talked with Pastor Kevin a little yesterday before he went on his trip to get an idea for the college service flier. I’m in charge of that since I didn’t want some hokey fliers that use clipart from computers, haha. So yeah, I made this really nice flier today.

Lemme know what ya think of it. It has to go through final approval with Pastor Kevin on sunday.

[EDIT: Hah, I had to change the flyer cuz Clifford said it was too church-y or something of the like. Previously it had a guy praying, holding his hands up, and a person who was face down on the floor praying as well. Well I changed it to David Crowder, from a cool pic I took at a conference. I had to reverse it horizontally, so it looks like David is now left-handed, haha. Oh well.)
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