X-Factor and like a coupon, I have been redeemed

Haha, ok, weird title, but I’ll explain in a little bit.

I dropped by Iggy Iguana’s today after work. I went back last Thursday as well, as they had some music night, and just picked up some food. Did the same today, and saw there were people in that same “music” room. Low and behold, I hear a voice I recognize and a person that I recognize. Speaking to a small crowd of people in a room was none other than Quoc, the speaker AACF had at the praise night last year. Anywyas, they have a group that meets there on Tuesday nights called X-Factor, and they have a bible study, sing some worship, and just share some praises that are going on. Purty cool, that Iggy Iguana’s would host something like that. I didn’t stay tonight, since I was a bit hungry, so yeah, looked pretty interesting though.

I had an interesting thought on the word “Redeemed” tonight on the drive home. How interesting of a word, since most of the time we think of coupons when we think of it. Redeemed…(from the Randy’s Head Dictionary). adj. to have been paid out in full.
Often times in worship songs we sing about our Redeemer. With the meaning I have in my head, that would mean that Jesus has paid for us in full. There’s nothing we need to pay. Nothing we need to give for our lives. It’s like a coupon that’s been given for our way into Heaven, just by beliving and following Him. Cool huh?

current mood: inspired