Semagic, a work of art!

Wow, just downloaded this new client called Semagic. It works really well. It kinda looks like a whole email client, but it works just for LiveJournal entries.

Well I’ve been on LJ now for over a year, kinda weird. I don’t have all that many posts, as opposed to some people, who I know have like a gazillion posts on this place. For a long while, I just posted once a week, and that was sorta sufficient for that. I guess a lot of times I don’t know what to post about, and I’m really not sure how many people read this, so it doesn’t seem like too much of a job to post here. I guess I’ll just talk about my day today.

Well, today is sort of a continuation of yesterday, part of it. I tried to get Erica to work for me (she’s one of my co-workers at Berean, and she also goes to AACF, and helps out with worship a lot). Reason being was that Josh, a rep from Word Entertainment was coming by today and Vanessa organized a dinner over at Elephant Bar with a bunch of us employees to go eat with Josh, and just kinda hang out. I actually went out with some of my co-workers last Wednesday for dinner, before our first AACF meeting (it was interesting, hehe). Anyways, Erica couldn’t work for me, so yeah, I had to work. It was alright today, went by pretty fast. Oh, forgot to mention that Vanessa got the staff pizza, because we sold 40 books of “Let’s Roll.” It’s a book written by Lisa Beamer, who’s husband was on United Flight 93 last year, that crashed into a field in Penn.

It’s amazing that just about a year ago now Sept. 11 happened. I still remember it pretty clearly in my mind, and I remember how we were all glued to our lil 13″ tv screen (which was actually betsy’s) and how about every 10 minutes we would be checking the CNN site to find out what was happening. It was a crazy day. I know a lot of churches tommorrow, as well as fellowships and stores will be having memorial services in remeberance of those who died (some where around 3,000 people =( it’s awful).

[side note: just switched keyboards, haha]

Tommorrow night I’m leading worship with Phil Chen, and Phil Jang. I have most of the songs picked out and what not, still need a few more, and hopefully I’ll have them before tommorrow night. hehe, well I better. I was listening to a CD I made of 722, which is a Singles Bible Study out in Atlanta. I think I’ve talked about it before, but it’s run by a variety of churches, and the main speaker for it each week is Louie Giglio of Passion. Anyways, last year, Sept. 11, they had service, and I’m sure that they had to change a lot of it, considering no one knew of what was going to happen. I was listening to that CD today to just kind of get an idea of what songs they used and everything. The songs they used were so good, and rightly picked, and powerful. I may be using atleast one of them tommorrow. They opened with the song by Delirious, “My Glorious” which is great, the chorus goes:

God is bigger than the air I breath
The world we’ll leave
God will save the day and all will say
My Glorious

Such a touching and timely song to use…

With the one year anniversary of Sept. 11 about to happen, and the increased security warnings around the world, it’s kinda scary. I really pray that nothing happens tommorrow, and that everything will be fine when I wake up. I almost have a feeling like I’m sacred to go to sleep, in the case of finding out what happens when I wake…

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