After the Rain….

Hah, dunno why I had that title. Think it was just because I was listening to a Third Day CD in the car on the way to the meeting. Well it’s WAAY past the meeting now, but yeah….hah. I came back, went to sleep, then woke back up, and have been working on things. Here goes some things that happened today that I’ll post on.

7:22, the bible study that I talk about a lot in Atlanta, GA has brought their worship back on their webcasts!!! Whooo. I ALWAYS used to listen to it each week and get new songs from them. It was there I first heard the song “Our Love is Loud” by David Crowder, and this was back in September. hehe. On a sad note about 722, Candi Pearson, one of the lead worshippers there will be leaving to do more work with the high school group there at North Point Community Church. So all the people at 722 and people like me online won’t be able to hear her lovely singing voice each week anymore. =( booo.

I’m trying to think of ideas for the website…hah. The current idea will probably be scrapped, or used as the Non-Flash version or something. I’m trying to find some cool sites as well for learning Flash, hit me up with a comment if you know any good sites.

I also added something called CQ Counter, which is pretty cool. I can see the IP addresses of people who come here now. And it actually looks like I’ve been getting quite a few hits. Says some people from have come by, and some people from Cool. Hello. =P

So that post about my birthday will probably wait another day or so, hah. I’m so lazy.

Tonight over at CBCSJ (Chinese Baptist Church of San Jose) they’ll be a praise night put on by Phileo fellowship, the college group of that church. Visit for driving directions. It starts at…7pm I think (hah, I dunno, they just tell me be there at 4, so yeah…I dunno what time is actually starts). Should be a good night. I’m leading worship along with another guy Kinson from the church. He asked me to lead back in like summer, so yeah, a long time ago. hehe.

So yeah, CBCSJ at 7pm, Be there or be an octagon!