One day to change the world….

Agent Jack Bauer has 24 hours to stop an assassination attempt on a presidential canidate….but everything that can go wrong, is going wrong….

This is the big secret I had! I bought Season One of the hit Fox show, 24, yesterday at Costco. It was just 40$! That’s less than 8$ a cd! That’s 2$ an episode! whoooo. Anyways…yeah…

I can’t say enough about this series. It’s spectactular! I’ve only watched about 3 or 4 episodes so far, but they’re great, and keeps ya hanging on to your seat in anticipation on what’s going to happen next. The whole show is done in a weird format, where it takes place in “Real Time.” None of this Big Brother kinda hokey stuff where they skip time and everything. Every minute counts. Each episode is an hour of the same day in the life of Jack Bauer. The show starts at 12am, where Jack gets called in to help stop an assassination attempt on a presidential canidate. He is told that the hit has been ordered from someone within the company he works for. If things couldn’t get any worse, his daughter ends up missing while sneaking out in the first episode, throwing his home life into a ruckus…and it all goes down hill for Jack from there….

I simply love it! Go watch it! Borrow it from me when I’m done (BUT I WILL GET THEM BACK FROM YOU, OR ELSE!!) It’ll be a couple of weeks atleast till I see all the episodes…Now I wish I had a TV so I could watch Season Two!

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