Bleh, I sprained my left thumb. It hurts. yeah….

Ok, back story. Saturday was our churches picnic. We played some softball. I felt pretty confident with playing since I was doing catch with a baseball just a bit early in the day, and was doing well. I haven’t really played baseball almost at all. I was scared…

Now to fully understand that we have to go back about…16 years or so. It happened when I was young, probably 6 or 7 or 8, or something like that. I was at Yosemite with my family, and their family friends. Anyways, one of those days, I was doing catch with one of my parents friends (Uncle Mike). He threw the ball to me, and it hit me right in the mouth, and out came my two front teeth (they were loose already). I cried and cried, and finally shut up when one of the other parents bribed me with $2. (hah, you can make kids happy with $2….now it’s probably $10 with inflattion, haha). So yeah, I was scared to play baseball for awhile….

Going back to the story, I was doing pretty well with catching, and had some fun with throwing and catching. So when the time came to play softball, I was like, alright, I can do this! We picked teams, and I was batting after the lil girls, hah (cuz they wouldn’t strike out/tag out lil girls). LOL. First time on base, I get a good hit to mid-center field. It was a pop-up, but no one got under it. It was a good hit! Now mind you, I’ve never really hit well before. Heck, I was still doing a golf swing (bringing up my right foot, which is supposed to be planted…I still don’t understand…). So yeah, 2nd at bat, I hit it again pretty well. 3rd inning as I take the field, we do some warm-up catching in the outfield (I was playing left). I get the ball thrown to me and I catch it bad. Bleh, thumb is sprained. nuff said…it’s yecky. made my hand kinda swollen (which is still is swollen). And I can’t bend my thumb in too much.

So yeah, if you have time and remember me when you’re praying, please do pray for my hand. I would really enjoy a quick recovery. I have lots of things to do, and guitars to play and the like…=(

current mood: injured