C’mon Fox, get off the bandwagon!

hah, well I think Fox was in on the whole “World Series Scam”. Yes, that’s right, I believe that the 2002 World Series was a SHAM! A SHAM I SAY!! The Giants should have won, but it was up to the MLB to write up an elaborate ploy to get people to watch through 7 games of the WS. So yeah, I think the whole World Series was made up, and Fox was in on it.

Why I believe that? Well look at THIS evidence.

I turned on the TV today after lunch, and playing on Fox at 2pm, was the movie “Angels in the Outfield.” I mean, COME ON! Why would they be playing this if Fox didn’t know that the Angels would win the WS. If they knew the Giants were gonna win, they woulda played that horrible movie “The Fan”, hahahaha.

So yeah, that’s my latest thought. Angels won the “make believe World Series” and Fox was in on it.