Blah, no updates in awhile

Well this week I got the latest packet from Sixsteps Records. If ya didn’t know, I help by being a Road Rep for them. Promoting their up’n’coming cds, word of mouth grassroots kinda stuff. (Oh, and if ya didn’t know, Sixsteps puts out the music of Passion, as well as the Passion Worship Leaders, Charlie Hall, David Crowder, and Chris Tomlin). Anyways, the latest packet was actually just some stuff I already had, hehe. They gave us the Chris Tomlin cd (they didn’t get us a promo one early this time), and also the David Crowder green CD (which is a live cd, recorded the same time as the Passion Experience tour (probably by Taco…hehe). Also got a bunch of paper flyers for Chris’ new album. I’ll probably bring those around to a couple stores, post em up on billboards at school and stuff.

I’m trying to take more pictures, but I keep forgetting to bring my camera places. Like yesterday we had Operation Christmas Child with AACF, and I remembered it almost…but still forgot it. In going along with taking more pictures, I started an Ofoto account with my randall @ email. I’ll send out a lil newsletter type thing with the pictures I take.

Today I’m working the night shift, AND closing the store. Well, it’s not that I haven’t been closing the store, but it’s previously been with Michael B, who’s getting married on Saturday. He’s gone for two weeks (till like Dec 2nd), and Nikki who was originally gonna work for him tonight, had a last minute field trip, so I’m filling in. First time closing…kinda scary. Hope I get everything right! =) Ok, off to work soon.