Oh geez… Christian music, not really Christian?

Well a few days ago, a couple came up to Teena and myself, asking about that group POD, why we sell them, and if they’re really Christian. We answered them about how they are Christian, and how their songs talk about God, and how often times in concert they talk about God, or thank Him for doing things. Well this couple said all this stuff about POD. That symbol that is on the POD cover (it’s like…3 petals, the Trinity sign), they were saying how that originally came from some occultic stuff, and how it contains 666 in it, so it CAN’T be Christian. Why would POD use that, if it was made up from satanic people. They go on to mention about the CD cover of “Snuff the Punk.”

The say, what’s going on there? is that supposed to be an angel and the devil? Why does the angel have a tatoo? That’s not Godly. Why does the lead singer have tatoos? that’s not Godly. Oh geez…

Then they start talking about the cd cover to “Fundamental Elements of Southtown”

Saying how why are they showing Budda there? And he’s doing the satanic hand symbol. Why is his heart being hung to die? They tell me they got all these questions about most of Christian Rock, how it’s all evil, and how everyone should just read the King James Bible. They told me to read www.Jesus-is-lord.com. So I went there, and looked around, it’s all a bunch of Bible Thumping Theology. I read this article and how they took every nitpick on Christian rock artist (though mostly from the 80s-90s), to go as far as to say how Jars of Clay has said publically they have watched some certain Nirvana music video with children’s baby doll’s with blood hanging on the wall. It’s so stupid. If they ever come upon this page, they’re probably going to tell me I’m going to Hell for saying all this stuff about them, and for forgetting to have a capital “L” in Lord in that previous link.

So yeah, go visit that site for a buncha white bible thumping bigots….