I’m gonna be a part of it, New York, New York!

Well that was a fun trip. Got to see a lot of things, and walked around a WHOLE lot. (about 4 miles each day I would think). A lot of crazy walking, and site seeing, and shopping, and eating.Umm, not sure if I have time to tell it all right now, so yeah. I’ll try and update it in a lil bit. =)

Lisa visited me yesterday afternoon before work. We did some shopping, and I found my mom a present. Still have to shop around for some other gifts. Really don’t know what to get my brother or my Dad. Aiya. I’m ALWAYS a last minute shopper (but strangely always poignant about being on time…).

This week is AACF’s last meeting. We’re going outside and going Chrismas Caroling and passing out candy canes in the park in downtown San Jose. Should be fun. Alex hasn’t sent out this weeks’ mailing, maybe I should remind him to do it now.

Also, I’m speaking for the Youth Group back at home on Friday. I’ll be speaking on the life of David, and wanting more. hrm…I shoulda bought one of those shirts and used it as a prize….oh well.

Off to work in a bit, just gotta get these shoes on..