Request for Musicians

hah, well listening to bands like the David Crowder Band and Exit 10, it really wants me to have a band with a set group of musicians to play with. Ones who most of all love to worship, and also have great talent. So yeah, If you’re interested in being part of the Randall Wong Band, let me know, haha. =P

I just downloaded like 20 new mp3s from Thad’s server. Some great stuff. Mostly Exit 10 stuff (Steve Fee and Candi Pearson, who will never be coming out with a CD, atleast not soon….booooo, I love them so much, hah), and stuff from the David Crowder Band from this year’s summer conference at CIY.

Actually I’m listening to the first song, Sing like the Saved, by Exit 10, and it doesn’t sound like Candi…but I could be wrong… Not as soulful….but still could be. alas. I miss her from the 722 broadcasts. =( Ok, it is her, she just did some fun signature stuff, hehe.


Well on a side note I’ll be recording again this winter. Should be fun. Hopefully I’ll be done sometime this year on that cd that I’ve been promising since last year, Who knows though. Tell ya what, I’ll offer you guys here it free by mp3 when it’s done. =P Maybe that’ll satisfy some of ya. =)

current mood: hopeful
current music: David Crowder Band – Doxology