[Spotlight:] Wade’s Web Page

Hrm, so when the heck is Wade gonna redo his whole webpage???? I’VE BEEN WAITING MAN!!! Do something cool with it, like we’ve never seen before….or yeah…something like that…but no poop.

Anyways, this is a lil review of Wade Y Changsometangrungtoasitranleemungvistatristhahongstaves (yes, I really did have netscape open and typed all that from there, hahaha).

Wade’s page…ahhh, the memories. He was the first one to introduced all of us at AACF to ratemypoo.com (don’t recommend the weak stomached, and weak minded to go there…or you may just submit your own poo someday). Wade’s page features many crazy links and funny stories of his encounters with bad chinese drivers, non-sense talking, and random thoughts of his. Once in a while he’ll post about something pretty cool and thought-provoking. Mostly, it’s like a journal like all of our online endeavors these days (for those of us on Livejournal or Deadjournal, or now ujournal! hehe). But yes, if you’re into crazy comedy and neat readings, visit wade’s site, cuz it’s cool. Just beware the links….all of them…

Oh, in times past he had other things on the page as well. Like his “Favorite Couples” page. He had his “Ideas” page which I thought was brillant (one of his ideas was to have Cars all magnetically charged, either positive or negative, so that they’ll never run into each other….then again, that somewhat doesn’t work…..if the car is going fast enough, they’ll still collide….). The best page of all was his installments of “That’s Just Wrong” where he had himself peeing on a rock, and dressed in leather pants with his dad (amoung other funny things too). Ahhh, I miss those pages…BRING THEM BACK!!! I WANT MY MTV!

Ok, this has been enuf procrastinating, see ya on the flip side….