Where’d I leave off….

So I was gonna talk about guitars, specifically custom guitars. I bought some new CDs from Independent Bands recently, and included in one was a nice 15% off coupon on a custom guitar company. The company is Mayes Guitars and is run by John Mayes, a frequent goer of the Shane Barnard Project Forums (BTW: if you want some people to debate with, THIS IS THE PLACE! lol).
Anyways, John has been making guitars for a while now, and sounds like he makes some pretty good ones. Some of the big names that use his guitar are Matt Odmark and Steve Mason, from Jars of Clay, Andrew Peterson, as well as some cool indies like Koo Chung, and Rob Loomis. The prices are pretty high, but it is a custom guitar. I don’t know how long the wait is on orders right now, but yeah, I calculated everything that I would want, and figured out a price plan that I’ll share with you. =P

$3,400 Base Price
$500 Koa Back & Sides upgrade
$25 Bone Nut
$0 Engelmann Spruce Top (no upcharge)
$0 Parlor Design Shape
$? I-Beam electronics
$3,925 X 15% = $3,336.25 = $834.06 Down Payment

$2,502.19 left to pay @ $150 a month = 16.68 = 17 Months total
Which equals to $5 a day, for about a year and a half.

$5 a day….wonder if I could set up a paypal account and have people send me money through the internet….lol. Just $5 a day will get me a new guitar in a year and a half! (oh wait, and the down payment…) Ahhh, this could take awhile. Oh, and the funny thing was, I emailed John about the price of the guitar and payment options. I mentioned I was thinking about it, since I should get a guitar before I get married (and I can’t buy anymore guitars). He said, “You BETTER get one before you get married, I should know!” hahaha, too funny. =)

Next entry: CD Reviews! New music from IB.com, Koo Chung, Caleb Carruth, Jacob’s Well, and Spur58.

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