Heeeeey Quesadillas! (sung to Macarana or something…)

Yum, just made some good tasting quesadillas. Though now I’m out of tortillas…I’ll have to get some more. Earlier in the week I made fajitas (who said I couldn’t cook?) and they were great. I bought a pack of 20 tortillas, and ate about 5 fajitas that day, and another 3 on Friday. The rest I just ate….I really like Tortillas…maybe I’ll get the 30 pack next time, lol.

Our Music Department at work won a free dinner at Outback, paid for by our boss. =P She was running a contest for inventory. Inventory is when we here at Berean have a count of every single thing in the store, and we set the product numbers to that. We get a team to come in and they have these counter-things on their belts that look like calculators, and they 10 key in every item (they have a team of like 40 people, so it goes by in about 3-4 hours). Luckily I wasn’t there, but if I was, I would have been helping out with finding the SKU’s for items that don’t have Berean tags on it. Anyways, back to the contest. What it was was that Vanessa offered dinner at Outback for the Dept who had the least SKU checks on inventory night. We couldn’t have over 10 either, and if there was a tie, she would take both Depts out (so she was hoping for no tie, lol). Anyways, Teena called me today and told me that we won. She sounded so excited. =P So yeah, we only had 1 item that needed a SKU check. Cool eh? We were all assigned different sections to check cds from. Wheeee, first time going to Outback sometime soon! =)

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