What’s with all the fights in Baseball lately? It’s almost like watching Hockey! whoohooo!

LOL. I’m on a Fantasy Sports team again this year for Baseball, so I’m getting warmed up to who’s who again (since I only follow once the fantasy league starts up, haha). Anyways, I’m just reading about all these players getting into brawls after getting hit by pitches. Sounded just like a hockey game, but cooler, lol.

Here goes my players for this year (darn good team too). (buncha hot heads if ya ask me, lol)

Mike Piazza
Jason Giabi
Jeff Kent
Troy Glaus
Omar Vizquel
Barry Bonds
Ken Griffey Jr.
Sammy Sosa
Juan Gonzalez
Jeff Bagwell
Bret Boone
Tony Batista
Roberto Alomar
Mo Vaughn

Danny Graves
Greg Maddux
Eddie Guardado
Byung-Hyun Kim
Hideo Nomo
Kerry Wood
Kevin Brown
Al Lieter
David Wells

Amazing team eh? There’s just 6 of us this year, so we have some good players on all our teams…but still. I got the freaking homeruns down with no contest!! =P C’mon, there’s Bonds, Sosa, Griffey (if he’s healthy), Bagwell, and Kent (@ Houston now, geez). ROCK ON!!

muhahahahahaha! This season is MINE!

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