Just got back…

Hey ya’ll (doh, I’m californian, really!),
I just got back from OneDay. What an incredible experience AGAIN! hehe. I had the priviledge to go to OneDay back in 2000 as well, and this one was again a incredible time with God.

As Nolan said, it was a little crazy the first day (saturday) with the rain, and the thunderstorms, and this californian and his 5 californian friends had to run to the shelter of the rental van for the night. Through it all though, God showed His power! It was amazing to open the van door at 3am and to see streaks of lightning fly across the midnight sky in a spider-web motion. WOW! God was trying to get our attention to tell us that He was there. He certainly was.

The speakers were great, the worship was awesome as always. I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of speakers they had, and before I even knew it, OneDay was over.

For myself, my favorite speaker had to be Beth, even though I guess she was still just sharing the word to us (but she is so amazing, hehe, and I’m a guy!). For worship, I loved both Steve Fee’s set and David Crowder’s set at night, with Worship under the night sky. Steve knocked the socks off some folks. I was right near some Shane-A-holics from the yellow camp (watch one of them be you guys), and they were like, who’s this Stevie guy? I told them a little about him, and they started worship. About 2 or 3 songs into it, they were like, “Where did this guy come from??” (in a serious way). They were bummed that they missed out on him leading worship at The Gathering when they went to try and find where Shane was leading at (which was the Red camp, hehe).

For quick run down for those of ya’ll who didn’t go, the speakers were:

Beth Moore
Louie Giglio
John Piper
Kirk Cameron
Joshua Harris
Heather Mercer

The worship was led by:

Matt Redman
Chris Tomlin
David Crowder
Charlie Hall
Candi Pearson
Nathan & Christy Nockles (Watermark)

And at night the worship was done by:

Shane Barnard & Shane Everett
Amena Brown (Spoken Word, IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!! PRAISE GOD!)
Steve Fee
Chris Tomlin
David Crowder

Ahhh, so many new songs, it was kinda crazy, but ok at the same time. I have no idea what would show up on the OneDay03 Live CD, but that’s their choice. David did that new “punk” song “There is no one like You” it was great! hahah. Real Relient K feel to it. Good new stuff from all the guys really. And I must say, Candi blew me away again with “Sing to the King.” I’m going to pray that the song shows up on the CD…. And some of Amena Brown’s stuff too…simply amazing and speechless to how God moved in them. Whooo, Praise God.