Texas, home to…STEAK and God…what a perfect combo…

Oh, forgot to mention Texas… hahaha.

Texas was very cool. Not extremely hot this weekend, which was all God. I woulda burned and died if God didn’t keep it cool as a testimony to His greatness. =)

I once again must say the service in the midwest is hands down the best in the nation. We tried a Texas fastfood place called “Whataburger” and laughed about the name all Saturday (till the storm, heh). The burgers weren’t that good, ya’ll gotta come out to California for some In-N-Out burger! hehe. Today we ate at a great establishment called “SaltGrass.” mmm mmm. Good stuff, and my friend ordered that 24oz porterhouse and finished it. haha, need a bigger and better place now. =P