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Review of the Razer Onza 360 Controller

History of the Onza:

So it’s been nearly a year from the first announcement of Razer‘s entrance into the console gaming market with two new peripherals for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. At CES 2010, they announced (and had a working demo unit) of the Onza controller, and a 5.1 surround sound headset named the Chimera.

Both their products kept getting pushed back, and it wasn’t until January 2011 that they allowed pre-orders for the Onza (while the Chimera is still on hold). Razer did expand both lines a bit further to include two versions of each product. For the Onza, there’s a Tournament Edition with a few more features (adjustable tension sticks, braided cable, rubberized surface) than the Standard Edition. The Chimera was also expanded to have a 5.1 system over a 5.8Ghz band and a standard stereo system over 2.4Ghz.

There’s been much talk on the ASTRO Gaming Forums about the Onza with many members pre-ordering it. Let me also admit that I was planning to pre-order it as well, but it went out of stock on the Razer site so quickly (even for a pre-order) that I missed out entirely. Razer’s handling of shipping the item out a few weeks late added to the frustration of many customers online. Just this week, some of the members on the forum mentioned that BestBuy was getting them in stock. I checked the next day and was able to secure one at my local BestBuy.


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Very Neat All-in-One Chat Program

¬†Ever wish you could have just ONE chat program? I know that I used to have atleast 3 open at one time (YahooIM, AIM, and ICQ). Well there’s a program that’ll let you use all three of those, as well as MSN, and IRC all at once, one program that does it all (lol, sounds sorta like Lord of the Rings, hope they don’t want to control our computers worldwide…). Anyways, the site is It’s a neat program, though the free version doesn’t allow for Y! Webcam features, the Pro version does (at a cost of $25 dollars). . Anyways, if you’re looking for the All-in-One solution, this is it guys!

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Time for a ReFormat

Blearg. Time for a reformat of this old system. My HD has been acting up ever since I bought it, so it’s about time that I chunk this sucker and reformat. Hopefully it’ll fix all the problems. =) If not, grrrr, maybe it’s the video card I have.
Been backing up all my files today with my burner. My audio recordings took up 3 cds!!!!! insane, course it’s all still .wav files and huge amounts of them. I put them on the D: drive too, so I shouldn’t lose them, but if I do, oh well, whatever.

More cleaning to do today, whooopie, hehe.

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Just tried the Avalon U5!

Wow, nice product they have (avalon). Unfortunately they don’t have one in stock (not that I would buy one right now), but it certainly was nice. It riches the tones of the higher strings, but also the low strings, and everywhere…dunno really how to describe it, but I like it. Hopefully maybe I’ll get one this summer. =)

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