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Friday Music Confessional: I’m a GLEEk!


I have to admit it. I’m a GLEEk (a fan of the show GLEE on Fox).

Yes, it’s a show about high school Glee clubs.

Yes, I probably did make fun of those same kids back in High School.

Yes, I bought the first season on DVD for my wife for Christmas, but secretly wanted it myself. (Whoops! Hope she doesn’t read this…)

My first time my wife and I watched GLEE, we actually weren’t impressed. We were hearing great things about the show, and caught the second or third episode of Season 1, but was severely disappointed. In the episode, it had the Spanish teacher and Glee coach, Will Schuster starting some boy band with the other male teachers of the school. It didn’t have much of the students singing that episode, and I distinctly remember the “Bad Boy Teachers” singing Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up”… (horrible memory, please delete this from my brain).

It left such a bad impression that we held off for a couple of weeks, thinking our friends who told us this show was great were all insane. We gave it another chance when it returned from their mid-season break and loved it.

As a musician and singer, I appreciate good music in any form. The GLEE writers are taking already great songs, and performing them in fresh way that makes it impressive. Sure, they use the same formula for songs and highlighting certain singers (and they’ve also made fun of that on the show), but it works.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday Music Confessional… Cee Lo Green

Here’s an attempt to start up a new regular posting called the “Friday Music Confessional.”


I’ve heard this guy Cee Lo Green’s music for a while. After his song “Forget You” (the non-explict version of his song “F*#($* You”) was performed by Gweneth Paltrow on GLEE, it seemed to blow up everywhere. I don’t think I get through a day without hearing this song on the radio. Now he’s part of that show “The Voice” with some other talented music artists.

So… I have a confession to make. Though I’ve seen a video of Gnarles Barkley’s song “Crazy”, I didn’t realize that they were the same person, and thought “Gnarles Barkley” was a real person. I had no clue it was some duo, and thought, “Heh, Cee-Lo sounds a lot like that “Crazy” singer…

… Yes, I can be completely oblivious to the obvious.

Crowder’s CD and He’s coming to Santa Cruz!

Wow, the 2nd day of his CD release, and we’ve already sold about 15 or more copies. We sold 10 yesterday, as I recorded, and I’m anxicously awaiting to see how many we sound today. Looks like the CD is doing extremely well.

Well I found out today through some other Sixsteps Reps that Chris Tomlin did buy a Chet Atkins SST guitar. This story goes back a few months (back in November) when I first bought my Chet Atkins. I was looking up prices on them, after I bought mine, to see how good of a deal I got on mine, and I noticed that someone on ebay bid, and won a Chet Atkins SST with tne ebay username of “christomlin”. I thought, man, maybe it’s really Chris, so I emailed him through ebay, but got no response back. Funny to find that out. Also, a few days after that, I was watching 722 for that week (which reminds me, I haven’t seen this weeks yet) and I saw Steve Fee had a Chet as well, which was new. His was in a natural finish, which I don’t like very much, cuz it looks kinda weird.

I’m picking up some of the crew from Missouri on Saturday night from the Airport I think, even though I haven’t given Pastor Sandra a call back on that. Ahhh, I’ll just email her right now. Ok, think that’s about it. Next week is the big outreach week with Oath, Evangel University Students, as well as some students from North West college. Big week.

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An Entry??? NO WAY!!

Hi there. No, I haven’t died. If I did, you wouldn’t be reading this (or maybe you would, but I didn’t know there were computers connected to the internet in heaven.) Anyways, here goes my little entry.

The CD project is coming along. We’ve been doing mostly recording for guitar, and some instrument stuff, and just started doing vocals recently. Tommorrow night we’re supposed to be working on some stuff at around 9:45pm or so, and we’ll see how that all goes. I think I’ll have to record a few more guitar tracks, just so that we have some more material to work with as well.

The David Crowder Band is coming out with their new CD this week. It’s called Can You Hear Us? and it’s great, as I’ve had it for the past month or so (from work). A lot of neat songs on there. I also got to hear the new Passion CD releasing in April from work. MAN oh MAN, it’s good. I’m loving Dance in the River, I even had to go figure out the bass line for it, hehe, and it’s majorly cool. I like pretty much every track on it, though Charlie Hall’s “Sweet Me Away” song is kinda funky, but maybe I’ll grow into it.

The Thirsty Conference by Passion is coming up in April. I’m so wanting to go, but it’s looking expensive. I should put some money aside right now, so that I can pay for it. Or set aside some money each pay check or something. Ahhhhh. I’m hoping that Jeff Fountain (of Choice Resources, and part of Sixstep records) can get in contact of the lady running Thirsty, as I’ll probably be there a day early for 7:22, and will have nothing to do on Wednesday. It would be fun to hang out, and help out, and meet some of the guys on Wednesday. =) Almost like a dream come true, hehe.

Ok, that’s about it, peace outside!

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Recording Ways

Well the recording is nicely on it’s way. I did the guitar tracks for “Our Love is Loud” though it’s not one of the original songs I picked, I do really like the song, and may include it with this AACF CD (if it doesn’t go on there, it definately will go on my own cd, hehehe). I figured out the chords a few nights ago when 722 did it in it’s entirety for their Christmas service.

722’s Christmas service was awesome! my goodness. Never heard Christmas carols sound so good!!! really! If you haven’t listened to it yet, browse by www.722.net and click on the Past Messages. Click on the last one for this “season”.

I bought a web cam two nights ago. It’s not on a lot, unless I’m on yahoo messenger. I don’t really like yahoo messenger, except that it can use a web cam, so I’m hoping that AOL will get their acts together and make something where you can use a web cam sorta how yahoo has it. Maybe they’ll someday browse upon this page and read about it. =)

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