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Thursday and Friday…nothing happening, lol

Skipped a day in this, whoooo. Guess nothing important happened yesterday. Still on the search for one of those Avalon U5 boxes…maybe I’ll try to stop by Guitar Center today and try one out if they have one. Would be very interesting. hehe. Anyways, think that’s about it for this update.

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Yo Yo Yo, Happy B-Day!

Well let’s see, what else is new today…It’s Anh Troung’s birthday. Happy Birthday Anh! =P He wants to go with a few of us to play laser tag at some place, where they have like 20 minute rounds. Omigosh I’m gonna be tired, but I’M GONNA WIN!!!! JUST BRING IT!!! lol. That’s all in store for tonite.

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Weird dreams…arg

Oh man, I just woke up from the absolute weirdest dream (well maybe not absolute weirdest…I’ve had some pretty weird ones, but it doesn’t match Elisa’s “Antlers” dream…hah). But this dream was just weird, think I was watching too much US Marshalls the other day or something. I was on the run from the cops or something, because something happened, and I was blamed. I only really remember the last half of the dream, but I remember I was with the AACF group, and we were hanging out, and we were passing by my house in SF on California Street. There were a whole whole buncha cop cars around my house, cuz I guess they were looking for me or something. My friends wanted to stop by my house or something to get stuff, and they swore the police cars were for another house (hah, yea right). So I stayed down on California street for a lil bit, but some detective came down to get me. By the time I got back up to my house in SF, most of the people had left except for Derek and Melissa, and I found out that they like intereviewed everyone about the siutation or something (lol, in like 5 minutes), and Anthony, or AACF staffer said that the time right before what happened (guess it was like a car accident or something that involved a death *shrug*) I was feeling really weird, and was acting dizzy. So the police, upon that statement, went under the assumption that I was drunk! Aiya!! Anyways, after I found that out from Derek and Melissa, I went down stairs to the fireplace room of my house where my aunt, mom, and this asian police guy were. I tried to interupt, but my mom and the police guy were just talking and talking and she wouldnt’ let me say anything (they were talking about golf or something weird like that, hah). Finally my mom let me talk, after I agreed to drive and buy her food from this one place in the newspaper (was something like blueplanet, but funny thing? The police prolly wouldn’t let me leave, dumb brain thinking dumb dreams). Anyways, I was debating my situation to the asian detective guy, and I woke up. Man, I was so angry though, hahaha, or frustrated or something. Dumb cops…lol.

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Haha, Just who comes here?

Hrm, wondering who would actually in their right mind ever read these posts….
I guess I’ll just keep doing them though, it’s kinda fun, even though they’re kinda out there for everyone to see, so I can’t ever put anything really really personal, hahah. It would suck if I was talking smack bout someone, or talking about someone I like, and they saw what I said…heh, note to self, never talk about those things. =P

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