Hrm…can’t survive on just Safeway food. I need a Costco run soon! whooo, frozen food galore!! =)

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Well it’s nothing too big I guess, just scary for myself. Anyways, this is what happened.
I went to go take out my Taylor (you know, the guitar I totally love), and took it out to play. I start playing it, and I notice some string-buzzing. (Ok, I just realized this may turn somewhat Guitar Techie, so if you don’t understand it, forgive me). So I check the frets and the neck, and I notice that the neck is kinda warped. There was a little (well not so little, it was about 3mm high) ripple in one section that ran diagnally across the neck. So I feel across that and it has the texture sorta like Athelete’s tape, ya know, that same kinda squishy-ness. So as I wonder what that’s all about, the tape comes off, and there’s like a SLICE through my guitar. Strangely it wasn’t just like a

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Doh, I have work in roughly 30 minutes, and have an ugly big pimple on my nose, and Ray’s in the bathroom, so I can’t brush my teeth or use my Oil-Free Face Wash. =P *sigh*

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Well it was more of a nightmare, I’ll about it more tommorrow after work, eeek, just remebering it now as I almost go to sleep again. *sigh* Don’t want another dream like that…

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Well I finished up two songs tonight. Well…then again, “finished” is a term used lightly. As the bass, electric, drums, etc, parts aren’t done on it yet (as well as the vocals too, doh). The two songs I did tonight were “We Are Hungry” and “Pour Out My Heart.”

Now the neat thing about these two songs are this, I decided to extend them a lil, by doing something for each song. For “We Are Hungry” I had a whole section in the middle for kinda whatever I wanted to sing. May it be for the Chorus1, a few times more, or the Chorus2 (We lift our holy hands up, we want to see You). Then as I was re-listening to it, and tweaking the end, I found that it was the same chords as “Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent” by David Crowder, and I decided to

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