WinAmp ShoutCast Server!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention over the weekend I put up a cool winamp Shoutcast Server at Give it a listen. It’s 24/7 praise and worship (well when it’s up, which is most of the time, except maybe weekends). I don’t have a very big play list right now (only about 10 hours) because about a month ago now, I did something stupid and my hard drive with my 3 and a half gigs of worship mp3s got wasted. =( Ahh well, it’ll be back (or half back) soon…. Enjoy the stuff on the shoutcast server.

current mood: enthralled
current music: Shane Barnard! he rocks! hehe

First Entry

Hehe, just sitting back and watching the Simpsons on UPN! w000t! What a great show. Now you guys all get to read about my boring life, isn’t it great? hehehe. I learned how to play Psalm 145 today, which is by a great guitarist/vocalist/worship leader from Texas, Shane Barnard. It’s a really cool song, with a neat chorus and great dynamics to the whole song. Ask me to play it for ya some time and I prolly will, hehehe. Think that’s about it for now. Check ya’ll later.