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Baking, baking, baking, Wow, it was a long weekend

Hah, I don’t remember when my last journal entry was…prolly thursday. Pastor Kevin spoke well for his last Friday with us, before Pastor Sandra officially takes over. His message was a good one that I hope the Youth hold on to well. Eddie lead worship with Pat and Reese on guitars, and it went really well (well other than having to learn mostly new songs, but that’s ok). We went pretty long at church on Friday, but it was good, since we had an alter call and such, and everyone was still praying for awhile.

Saturday was a long day. I got up around 9:30, and didn’t really do much until about 2 oclock, when I had to get out of the house and buy some supplies for baking later that day. Went to safeway to get the stuff, like butter, milk, brown sugar, baking powder/soda, and some supplies for my pies that I was making. Lisa was bringing over flour and sugar, so I didn’t need to worry about that. Anyways, people were supposed to come on over at around 4, but the first person didn’t show up till 5, and we probably didn’t get started cooking (well, mine was partially done at around 6), until around 6. Cooking went the whole night with people coming into the house, and we finally ended at around 12:30 (well Gordon’s wasn’t done yet, he needed to put the top on it). In the end, we had, My 2 strawberry jello pies, Lisa’s lemon mirangue (I KNOW I spelled that wrong) and a choco-pie thing, Janet’s fruit tart (which looked AMAZING), Mel’s Candy Cheesecake, Lisa Chui’s Chocolate swirled cheesecake, Gordan’s fruit cheesecake, Eric’s choclate butterscotch cookies, and Ryan’s cinnamin bread. Went to sleep a little bit after they all left, hah, I was beat from standing for 8 hours, whooo.

Sunday, I picked up Justin (since he had his cake thing) and brought the 2 strawberry pies, Mel’s cheesecake, and Ryan’s bread loaf to church. Had worship practice early, then service. Pastor Kevin talked about America, and how it was founded upon knowing God, but how we have strayed so far from that, and how we need to get back to that, with revival in our lives, then our church, then this city and nation. It was a good sermon. Afterwards, we didn’t have class, but we got to sit around and talk a bunch with each other, and try to sell the baked goods. All in all, I think it went pretty well, I’m not sure how much we raised, but I was hoping that we would be able to get about 3 people to camp with the money raised (I dream big, hah). Not sure if we reached that goal, but I prayed that the night before, whooo. So if it happens, whooo, yea God! And if it doesn’t, still, yea God! Afterwards, we went over to Evelyn’s house and just kicked it around. Some of the girls left to go shop at the Espree Outlet (which I remember so fondly, when Derek and I sat in the Van, while Hoi, Oi, Alicia, and ANDREW went in to shop, and we listened to the 49ers Championship game against the Packers (they lost that time too I believe)). That was about it for the weekend, but it felt a lot longer, hehe =P

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