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Winter Camp is in a few days. I still don’t remember our speakers name for it. Pastor Sandra, myself, Lisa, and Reese are driving. John-David and I are doing worship, and I’ll be bringing up my Chet Atkins, whooo. I’ll have a lil fun with that, and doing backup singing, though I’m not that great at harmonies, I’ll have to figure something out. I’m not quite sure what range JD is, but we’ll see.

The CD is getting delayed and such. I haven’t done all the guitar tracks that I’ve want to do (they were supposed to be done on the 9th) and the vocals are supposed to be all done by the 25th, but don’t think that’s gonna happen. Hopefully if I push everything back, some things won’t take as long as we can still produce it by the 2nd week of April. No promises though…heh.

I may be able to go to Spirit West Coast this year for FREE. I’ll have to work in a vendor booth (for Berean of course) but I would get free stay, and food, and get to see all the concerts (well when I’m not working). I guess I’ll have to wait and see if I’m working around then, and if there are some good bands/musicians there this year. =)

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Baking, baking, baking, Wow, it was a long weekend

Hah, I don’t remember when my last journal entry was…prolly thursday. Pastor Kevin spoke well for his last Friday with us, before Pastor Sandra officially takes over. His message was a good one that I hope the Youth hold on to well. Eddie lead worship with Pat and Reese on guitars, and it went really well (well other than having to learn mostly new songs, but that’s ok). We went pretty long at church on Friday, but it was good, since we had an alter call and such, and everyone was still praying for awhile.

Saturday was a long day. I got up around 9:30, and didn’t really do much until about 2 oclock, when I had to get out of the house and buy some supplies for baking later that day. Went to safeway to get the stuff, like butter, milk, brown sugar, baking powder/soda, and some supplies for my pies that I was making. Lisa was bringing over flour and sugar, so I didn’t need to worry about that. Anyways, people were supposed to come on over at around 4, but the first person didn’t show up till 5, and we probably didn’t get started cooking (well, mine was partially done at around 6), until around 6. Cooking went the whole night with people coming into the house, and we finally ended at around 12:30 (well Gordon’s wasn’t done yet, he needed to put the top on it). In the end, we had, My 2 strawberry jello pies, Lisa’s lemon mirangue (I KNOW I spelled that wrong) and a choco-pie thing, Janet’s fruit tart (which looked AMAZING), Mel’s Candy Cheesecake, Lisa Chui’s Chocolate swirled cheesecake, Gordan’s fruit cheesecake, Eric’s choclate butterscotch cookies, and Ryan’s cinnamin bread. Went to sleep a little bit after they all left, hah, I was beat from standing for 8 hours, whooo.

Sunday, I picked up Justin (since he had his cake thing) and brought the 2 strawberry pies, Mel’s cheesecake, and Ryan’s bread loaf to church. Had worship practice early, then service. Pastor Kevin talked about America, and how it was founded upon knowing God, but how we have strayed so far from that, and how we need to get back to that, with revival in our lives, then our church, then this city and nation. It was a good sermon. Afterwards, we didn’t have class, but we got to sit around and talk a bunch with each other, and try to sell the baked goods. All in all, I think it went pretty well, I’m not sure how much we raised, but I was hoping that we would be able to get about 3 people to camp with the money raised (I dream big, hah). Not sure if we reached that goal, but I prayed that the night before, whooo. So if it happens, whooo, yea God! And if it doesn’t, still, yea God! Afterwards, we went over to Evelyn’s house and just kicked it around. Some of the girls left to go shop at the Espree Outlet (which I remember so fondly, when Derek and I sat in the Van, while Hoi, Oi, Alicia, and ANDREW went in to shop, and we listened to the 49ers Championship game against the Packers (they lost that time too I believe)). That was about it for the weekend, but it felt a lot longer, hehe =P

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Big Events at FLCC Auto Show! (well church, hehehe)

Service went well today. We did a lot of songs though, hah, and I had to practice them all right before service during worship practice (I knew all of the, but not sure if I played all of them before). Pastor Kevin had a very good message today on being Obediant to God. I felt like he was going to do a Altar call, but was sorta surprised that he didn’t (he did ask for some hands for people that struggled with being obediant to Him). After service I had a bunch of papers I had to print up, but the computers were all acting funny, hah. Pastor Sandra had me print and deliver some papers for her while she was away, so I needed to get them out before the meeting next week. Found out the HS class had no teacher today, but I couldn’t go in and do anything since I needed to get those papers done, heh. Tim stepped in and talked about camp and hung out with them and stuff though, so it was alright.
After church we went over to Lisa Chui’s house. Hung out, played ping pong (and some CRAZY round robin style ping pong) ate pizza, and just hung out pretty much, hah. Oh and played mah-jongg. Grrr, man, I was so dumb playing mah-jongg today!! I falsely declared, not only once, but TWICE!!! aiya, so horrible.

At 5:30 at church we had a potluck dinner thing as a goodbye party for Pastor Valerie. Pastor Val was our children’s pastor at our church for about 4 years now, been awhile. It was a good gathering with fun and food, and friends. 3 Fs, whooo. hehe. A few of the kids were playing around with me left and right. Pastor Kevin has the cutest kids though, they go in the order of Matthew, Nicholas, Andrew, and Cameron. Cute kids, hehe. Nick and Sara Chin were messing around with me when I was sitting there and eating. =P

I felt bad today as I was around the 280/380 intersection. It was then that I realized how easy it was for me to find parking at church, when it took Lisa Lau like 10 times around the block before she gave up and just parked in the church parking lot. I remembered that I prayed for parking right as I was in the park coming over to Fulton, but I never gave God thanks for the space once I had it. Blah, thanked Him there for it though. =) God is good, through even the little things like praying for parking spaces.

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Lalala, Half Weekend Update

Well Pat and Erik came over late on Thursday night, erm, wait, I just read that I posted about that already….ok. Well the beach was cool, but REALLY cold, haha. We met at Janet’s place and then headed out to Baker Beach over by 25th Avenue. We played some Boggle out there on the beach and hung out only for about a half hour until some of us had to get to church for Prayer and Worship Practice. Lisa’s car went out to eat (forgot where) before worship. Friday’s service went well. Janet led games by doing that game “Bitty Bitty Bop” hahaha. It was slow at first, until everyone understood it and got into it. Justin spoke tonite and I think it went really well. He spoke about how we serve an Inconvienant God, ie, we only make time for God, under our conditions, and how it seems inconvienant for us to make time for Him. During prayer, I felt the urge to say something in a matter of encouragement, but also so that God would do a work in people, but Justin went up and said something else, so I didn’t get a chance to. I hope that even though I felt like I was supposed to say something, but didn’t, that God wasn’t mad at me for not saying it or something. Just as I felt like God was telling me to say it, Justin went up, so I decided to leave it be, since he sort of went off in a different direction of praying. *shrug* I dunno.
Afterwards a few of us (well just Lisa’s car load and mine) went off to Crepevine over in Sunset. It was a fun time to just hang out, and Mike Misland also came out with us to eat. During eating, Justin noticed someone else in the restaurant and it was some guy named Jaime (I think) that was on the New Orleans edition of The Real World on MTV. I (and most others of us) had no idea who he was, since we don’t have cable, but Lisa Chui went crazy, and screamed, and caused a lot of attention in the restaurant. It was pretty funny. We talked to him for like a minute, and then just let him be. Lisa Lau left to drop off Janet, and later she called me because of a strange situation that Janet was in, which I won’t really go into, but we prayed for her as we sat there.

Today a bunch of us guys had a get together and went out to watch “The Fast and the Furious”. It was a pretty interesting movie, and I think most of the people were cast pretty well, but it could have used a few more race scenes, and maybe a lil less plot. I was going in expecting a really fun, action packed, race movie, and really just wanted to go in and be entertained, but it was a lot of plot in a small movie like that. *shrug* Afterwards, we all went to my house and then dropped Justin off and the rest of us (Joe, Gordo, Eric and I) went to Mel’s Drive-In to eat, then went home.

I’m currently watching the Simpson’s Movie Marathon =P It’s pretty cool. The Simpsons is a great show, and I’m always surprised to hear how the people do so many of the voices of different characters. Check www.imdb.com sometime to check out who does what voices (just type Simpsons into the search part).

That’s about it for now. I have worship practice early tommorrow, and I forgot my shoes again! oh no, oh well….I’ll just have to keep remembering to bring them.

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Weekend Update with Randy Wong

Whoooooooo, loooooooooooooooooooooong weekend here folks. I headed back to SF on Thursday afternoon, so you’ll get a nice 4 day weekend update (which feels like one of the longest weekends I’ve had in a long time, but enjoyable =) ).

Thursday started out with prep’ing for the Grad Banquet at church the next day. We all got there around 5-5:30ish and started at around 6:30. We finished at around 9:30, which is pretty late, but the skit crew were going through all their planning for the skit and rehersing and all that. It felt like a really long night, with moving a bunch of tables, and chairs and streamers and everything. Hah, we covered the windows too so that it would be more dark, since the light is still pretty bright at 8pm.

Friday was another long day, thou the morning seemed a bit uneventful. I didn’t do anything around the house until I left and met up at church at around 2pm. There I really didn’t do anything except help run errands, since I wasn’t in the skit (well, later I was, but that’s later, hah). Lol, we couldn’t find anything good for the Grad’s for gifts, so we ended up getting chocolate (course it was an executive decision by Janet, since I wasn’t at Walgreens with them, hah).
Prime rib was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Yum. Thanks Darrel. The salad was awesome too. Darrel made a Chicken Ceasar Salad, yum. The only problem with the night was that there wasn’t many people =(. Probably about…35 people over all I think, when we were expecting about 60 or so. We forgot to put the date on the flyers we sent out, and that may have caused some confusion =( oh well…. The skit went off well, hehe, was pretty funny and everything. Erik and Evelyn got the “mystery” right by gessing Sebastian/Eric as the killer, but someone said they cheated by waiting till they said it or something, hehe. Oh, Justin, Tiff, Melissa, and Helen also sang a song that they’ve been wanting to do (or Tiff has been wanting to do) for a while now called “Dreams I Dream for You” by Avalon. They did a good job =) Helen has a good voice, wow, hits some great highs. Anyways, after clean up that was Friday. =P

Saturday was the long day. Lisa had been planning this day/trip kinda thing for 2 weeks I think, and it went well overall =). We went out to Concord to Justin’s Dad’s place out there, since he has a pool. 4 cars went out there with…18 people I think…don’t remember the total number. We had TONS of food, omigosh, all for 5$ a person too, what a great deal (well minus the drivers, since we drove and used up atleast 5$ worth of gas, hehe). The pool was pretty big, 3 foot to 6 1/2′ deep. There was the sign that said “Maximum Occupancy: 15” that I just laughed at, cuz that pool could fit probably 25-30 people in it…well…low end of that, hah. Almost all I can remember from Saturday was food, food, food. Chicken Wings, Mini-tacos (yum), raviolos, sausage, and fruit, crazy amounts of fruit! haha. We also watched ConAir, prolly one movie I could have done without (Matrix baby! whoooo, ahh well, next time, hah).

Sunday was almost a typical sunday, cept longer. We had joint service with Pastor Au-Yueng speaking for it. Pastor Lim (Steven Lim) was also back in service this week. He got back on Saturday to be with his family here before he and his wife move out to Missouri. At 4pm we were scheduled to go move a bunch of things from all the offices (well except Pastor Valerie’s) because they’re all getting recarpeted today (monday). Wonder what the new carpets will look like and what kinda condition the church will be in when I get back there on friday (dunno if all the stuff will be moved back yet, probably wont….). After all of that we had some pizza and left. I drove Tiff and Ango home and headed down to San Jose. Surprisingly I didn’t go right to sleep (well, I got some rest after lunch and before 4pm), but hung around for a bit in San Jose at the house, and Derek came back down to SJ.

But now I’m bored again. Going to have to find something to do with this week, haha. I’m sure something will come up. =)

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