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The Last Month or So…

Looks like the last update has been just about a month ago. Camp happened like a week after the last update, along with some other interesting facts, that I won’t totally go into, but I will say that good results came out of it.

Camp was a good time, even if it was at Bethany, and people said they were bored all day. Fortunately I was swamped with things to do most of the time, running from the chapel, to chasing and playing with the Moccardini kids, to hanging out and studing for the bible quiz. The bible quiz was so fun, and I had a blast participating in it this year with Lisa and Patrick on my team. My only real complaint about Bethany and camp was that the sound system really stank at Bethany, but oh wells. The way God moved through camp was awesome, and it was really good to see so many of the young ones filled with the Holy Spirit. Wow, good time at camp. =)

Some other tidbits that of interest. School starts Monday, blah. Oh well. I bought a PlayStation 2, what fun. GT3!! whoooo. I finally got a copy of that Stephan King movie “It”. Spooky scary, wow. Ok, think that’s about it for this update. =)