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New Printer, Weekend Report

Well, lesse what’s new. I bought a new printer last week. It’s a nice new color printer by HP, model 845c (lol, sounds like a Taylor Guitar model! hahahaha, ok…I’m just weird now). Anyways, I got it for just 64$ shipped!! Amazing huh? Check out www.slickdeals.net for the latest deals on things (that’s where I got that printer, as well as my 17 cases of soda for 37$ shipped, hahaha).

Well the teams from Evangel and NorthWest came in over the weekend, mostly on Saturday. Ango actually came home on Friday night (well Saturday morning, at 2am), and the NorthWest people came in Saturday at around 6:20. I got to meet some of them at Pastor Kevin’s house and drive two of them out to Lily Dea’s (who lives in the bottom part of Phil and Nancy Wong’s house).

It’s been a long while since I’ve been out there, and boy, it sure took me a little bit to remember how to get out there. I kept turning on the wrong streets. Well, I finally made it there, and they got settled and stuff, and I drove Pablo back. I forgot my Guitar at PK’s (Pastor Kevin’s) so I made my way back out there, and found out that Evangel’s team had ALL of their luggage delayed till 10:40. I knew that PK and PSlim (Pastor Sanrda Lim, aka Slim, aka PSlim…yeah….) were pretty tired, so I offered to help Cliff pick up the luggage. We went over there and man, it was so frustrating. The lame “Rent-a-Cops” were around, or I guess maybe they’re just traffic control or something, but anyways, Cliff and I were parked there, and IN the car, yet they still told us to go around. So we went around about 3 times, and finally Cliff went into the short-term parking. We went to go look for the other guys who came with us (Greg and Scott) and got the bags and headed back. Now this was the interesting part. Trying to fit 18 people’s bags and sleeping bags into two cars. Cliff was driving the rental van (It’s a Windstar) and I have my accord. LOL. It was pretty funny. Really entertaining really. To see us moving each bag over to a different car, depending on where they lived (Cliff dropped off to 3 houses, since they were close, I just dropped them off at church in the morning). We were so realived when all the bags fit. ahhhh. =P

So anyways, the skits and human videos they did were great today. I hope to see them again on Wednesday, as well as at the park. I’ve seen Cliff do that one called Anchor before, but I forgot where at, but it was actually at our church, and the other person in it was Evelyn! I forgot how good Eve was at drama, wow.

I also had a long meeting with AACF again, planning for our praise night which is coming up March 20th. Lotta work, and a long meeting, but we had King Eggrolls. Yum yum. Ok, I’ve talked enough, this post is probably REALLLLLY long.

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The Last Month or So…

Looks like the last update has been just about a month ago. Camp happened like a week after the last update, along with some other interesting facts, that I won’t totally go into, but I will say that good results came out of it.

Camp was a good time, even if it was at Bethany, and people said they were bored all day. Fortunately I was swamped with things to do most of the time, running from the chapel, to chasing and playing with the Moccardini kids, to hanging out and studing for the bible quiz. The bible quiz was so fun, and I had a blast participating in it this year with Lisa and Patrick on my team. My only real complaint about Bethany and camp was that the sound system really stank at Bethany, but oh wells. The way God moved through camp was awesome, and it was really good to see so many of the young ones filled with the Holy Spirit. Wow, good time at camp. =)

Some other tidbits that of interest. School starts Monday, blah. Oh well. I bought a PlayStation 2, what fun. GT3!! whoooo. I finally got a copy of that Stephan King movie “It”. Spooky scary, wow. Ok, think that’s about it for this update. =)

Cheveron Facility, Friday Service, etc. The Long weekend update!

Well some interesting things happened lately. And I haven’t updated my journal in almost a week! geez. Horrible. Anyways. Well here goes a recap of days:

Thursday: Went out with Patrick and Sandra and went golfing at the Presideo Golf Course. Well not real golfing, but we went to the driving range again. Patrick won, and drove the ball the furthest (and he was even using right handed clubs! my clubs! man!). hehe. It was a fun time, and we went through 2 buckets, but man, it’s expensive (12$ a bucket of about 100 balls). Later than night Patrick and I went to worship practice, thou, I was a lil hesistant, since I wasn’t sure if Mel wanted me to play, but I guess she did, cuz she was happy to see me there. Practice went ok, and Pat and I jammed along afterwards, even thou my fingers started to hurt from playing for too long, hah.

Friday: Well Thursday night Janet and Melissa were talking in the chat room and discussed going downtown for shopping. I gave the suggestion to go out to lunch with Lisa, since she works downtown. Friday morning, I decided to go with them too to go shopping, and I ended up driving, cuz they (well Janet) didn’t want to take the bus, hah. So we went downtown to San Francisco Center, but most of us didn’t buy much, other than them two buying two belts from Gap (the flagship one). They kept telling me to buy these one pair of shorts so that they could have the belt, hah! yeah right! So anyways, we met up with Lisa a lil late at her work, at around 1:50-2pm. Went out to eat, haha, oh wait, first we went to some place called, erm…Maybe I won’t mention where we went into (sides, I can’t remember the name too), but we decided it was too expensive and left (haha, and after Melissa and I drank the water too, and after the waitress came by twice to take our orders, doh!) So we went across the street to Crocket Galleria and ate on the 3rd floor. We walked Lisa back to work, and she showed us upstairs at Gibson and Robb and we saw her cubical and everything, and then left, since I had to be at church at 4pm for a meeting with Pastor Sandra. So I dropped Janet and Melissa off at Laurel Village, since they had to meet up with Gordon to call Dawn about their Florida trip. The meeting with Sandra went well, and we got some worship stuff squared away (also in the meeting was Justin, Helen, Eddie, and Patrick). We had worship practice after that, and then it was service. Things were run a little bit differently, and it felt like a short night, but then again, it ended up being long (from after service stuff). So the things we did differently was that we didnt’ have any games (and come to think of it, I dont’ think we did offering either, doh, have to ask Sandra about that…). So service went a lil short, but people left and I really didn’t have to worry about rides too much (come to think about it, not really at all…even thou we had tons of people on Friday…weird!). So anyways, Lisa, Ango, Justin and I went over to Sara’s house that night and just hung out, and talked, and ate spinach dip, yum yum. Lisa also bought some ice cream, thinking it was the flavor she wanted, but she picked up the wrong one, haha. So we sat around and talked about funny stories in our past (mostly ango and lisa did thou, since they have so many), then we made a mad dash for the couch, and ango missed out on all the corner spots, hahaha. We sat on the couch some more and asked some weird/lame “Truth or Truth” questions, like if you had to eat anyone’s barf in Youth group, who’s would you eat, and stuff like that, haha. We left there around 2:30, and I remember going to sleep at around 3:10, whooo.

Saturday: Wow, what a long day. So it was the Cheveron Rec day out a lil north of Albany. We met up at church at around noon, and left around 1pm or a lil before. Got there at 1:45 and went to it. They had things such as ping pong, pool, SHUFFLEBOARD!, bowling, a gymnesium, and a pool. Did a variety of things, and time just flew by. We left the place at around 6pm or 6:30 or so, didnt’ check the time. But as we were leaving, a few of us were “racing” back and stuff, and I popped a tire and got a flat, blah. I didn’t notice till about the turn right after Emeryville as you’re going towards the bridge (right when it splits off to 580 or the Bridge). So I pulled over right after the Grand Ave exit, and before the Toll Bridge things. I started madly calling everyone, but found out that everyone had passed me except Lisa’s car (cuz she took a wrong turn and got lost). So I asked her to check if she had a bolt remover, cuz that’s the only part I needed (I have a jack and stuff, but no bolt remover! blah!!). She did, but she went onto the bridge, cuz she was on 580 and passed us by. So thankfully she came back for us, and turned around at Treasure Island, and worked her way back (man what a long way). So she showed up, and I thought we were saved…but as I took her tool, and loosened the bolts (or so I thought), I raised the jack in anticipation, and THE BOLTS WEREN’T LOOSE!! The bolt remover was too big, and only worked on her tires! So I started calling AAA for Emergency Road Side assistance. They told me that they would have to tell CalTrans and they would come out, because we’re in their “territory” or something of that sort. So we waited around for about an hour, and I called them again, and they put me directly online with CalTrans, and they still didn’t come for another hour or so. So this is like 2 and a half hours of waiting, and I realize, I’m really dumb. When this happened, I never prayed. I never prayed that the bolt remover would fit, or that CalTrans or AAA would get there or anything, so I did, and about 15 minutes later CalTrans finally shows up and helps us out. All through that 3 hours, Gordon’s friends were outside of my car, and just stood around and talked, and I felt so bad that they were there (cuz some of them were supposed to be home for dinner or church or what not, doh). Luckily none of them were mad when I dropped them all off, or they didnt’ see that way. So that was the long adventurous day that reminded me so much of the trip back from Winter Retreat where Pastor Dawn got a flat tire on her uncle’s van. Thanks goes to Lisa, Ango, and Melissa for sticking it with us and hanging out with us for 3 hours.

Sunday: Had to get there early (and pick up justin with my spare tire, hehe) for worship, but before that picked up that flavor of Ice Cream that Lisa liked at Safeway as a thankyou gift to them 3 for staying there with us, hah. So we had worship practice and everything, and things seemed rushed (as the copier wasn’t working and everything else). Worship during service went well, and Pastor Kevin’s message about STARTing anew was good. We had an alter time as a church towards the end, and it was very good, and I think my decision that I was working towards before about churches was answered in that time (if ya know what I’m talking about, heh, then you do, if ya don’t, well, ask me about it sometime). Justin led sunday school and talked about anger, and used some interesting situations (hah, still wondering if Candy Appleseed was supposed to be me, haha. C: She farts, whoooo). After that, we had a leadership meeting with Pastor Sandra about the Youth Group and everything, and went over some Pros and cons about our youth group. One thing that showed up a lot in the cons was our “relationships” with each other. Not like dating wise or what not, but just that we need to be real with one another and be at a level where we can tell each other things, so that we can pray for another person, or really care for one another. After that, some of the guys went to play Basketball at AP Giannini and a few of us went over to my house and sat around and talked (hah, got on a deeper level). Eddie, Gordon, and Eric then came over, and Lisa and Ango drove Janet home, as she had to be home by 6. With the guys and Melissa, we did some more sharing, mostly about our family situations and such, until Eddie left with Gordon, Melissa, and Eric, which just left Justin, Ango, Lisa, and I. We talked still for awhile, debating about subjects and trying to get past our stubborn thoughts about things. They all left at around 10pm, after awhile of talking, good talking, hah.

Monday: Today, whooo. Last day of updates. Well today, I didn’t really do too much, just got some things done that I needed to get done. Went online earlier in the day (at around noon) and a bunch of us were chatting in a Chat Room on IM. Blah, I left after awhile cuz I got mad, because we were talking about not putting each other down, yet it kept happening and junk. After I left, I went off over to the DMV and Costco to get my tire fixed and my front license plate. As I was at the DMV, I saw Pastor Lim, and the Lim family (Yen, and Sandra). Sandra was getting new plates for her car as well. Well I went in and saw a humongous line, and hoped that I wouldn’t have to wait in that, hahaa. I found out that my dad has to go in and get the plates, since he’s the registered owner of the car. That sucks. While I was there, I remembered that I did have a tire receipt from Costco, because I remembered getting tires there last year when I went off to Guitar Center as my tires were being done, haha. So I went back home and found it on my desk in a pile of stuff and headed off to Costco. Since I drove on my tire a little bit, it was rendered useless, so I did have to pay for a new tire, but the cool thing is, is that they measured the width of my treads on the tire, and I only had to pay the difference, which ended up being only 14.06$ muhahaaha. So I have a brand new tire, with no hole or anything, whooooo. Came home, and that’s about it, wheee.

This whole post took me about 40 minutes to write, amazing. =P I musta got distracted a lot (a few people IM’d me in the process of writing this), but also, this was just stinking long. I’ll probably be in SF the whole week, so if you want to go out and hang out during the week, let me know! Cuz I’ll be bored! whooooo!

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Last Thoughts of the Night

hehe, Just got out of a crazy chat room that I started with a bunch of people from my church. Whole lotta people came in (think it was like 10 or 11 at the max). Crazy talk most of the time, which just proves how we’re all insane at my church.

Saturday is looking cool. A bunch of us from church are going to Justin’s dad’s place in Concord to go swimming and hang out and eat food and stuff. Lisa’s got 15 people to go, and hopefully we’ll get enough cars (we can prolly fit in 3, if we can get one other car (I’m driving and Lisa’s driving already….hrmm…..who else wants to go and can drive? =D).

Grad Banquet happens on Friday! PRIME RIB!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. How I love my prime rib. Think I’ll just show up and be a server thou or something, hah, I dunno yet thou. If they need me to do stuff I’ll go do that, if not maybe I’ll sit down with the Youth and enjoy a meal with them. =) The night is looking pretty cool with Justin’s tale of mystery throughout the night.

Graduations all happen on Thursday morning/afternoon. I don’t think I’ll be going to any again this year. I missed last years because of a Worship Conference that was taking place down in San Jose, and it was good (so sorry for those of you who’s graduation I missed, and Grad Banquet, forgive me, hehe), and I’ll prolly be missing this years too. Lowell’s is just too early to go to, gosh, 9 am in the morning, aiya. And Lincoln’s and Wash’s don’t interest me much, so blah, prolly not gonna come back for them. I’ll be back in San Francisco on Thursday night to help with set up for the room for the Grad Banquet though I think, since Tiff said she’ll prolly need people to help. Lala, ok. Wow, I may not have to bring my guitar back this week….that’s almsot a first!! =P cool!

Gosh, I want to work on the worship cd! But the mixer isn’t back at the house yet. I’m gonna have to email Ted and find out if we can borrow it somemore so that we can finish the recordings (well atleast start on the vocals and the drums and stuff….still dunno where we’re gonna get the drums yet though…).

It’s almost off to dream land for me, gotta carry some things from the car into the house that I never took in when I got here and maybe work out some, then I’ll head off to dream land for another night of scary and weird dreams…. G’nite!

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