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Well yesterday it was Elisa’s birthday. Didn’t do all that much, but it was enjoyable. I met up with her at her place at like 1:45 (was early by 15 minutes, oh well), and we went to stonestown to do some shopping and to return something. I had told Janet and Justin I would be going to stonestown earlier, so I tried giving them a call, but Janet’s phone wasn’t …

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Well I don’t have to explain yesterday too much, since I didn’t do much, hehe. Today my plans are with an old friend, cuz it’s her birthday! =P I’m driving up to SF for today and celebrating Elisa’s 21st birthday (and supposedly she wants me to be the designated driver…uh oh). Blah, she told me she wanted to buy some drinks since it was her 21st birthday, whatever. Looks like …

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