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243 posts in…

So I’m currently in the process of trying to restart my blog. Of course it takes compiling all of my old blog entries from…3 different sites, all of which don’t have an easy way to import into WordPress (I guess MoveableType would, but that site isn’t hosted anywhere anymore, and I don’t have the archive of it either). So I’m going through and manually cut and pasting 7 years of postings. It’s tedious, but kind of entertaining as I’m passing by some good memories of college life. I’m currently at around March 2002, so that’s only about 8 months into my blogging life and I’m already at 243 posts… yikes.

All is Quiet on the Northern Front

Hrm, strangely, I feel that I’ve had this title for a journal topic before. Anyways, It seems like everyone’s been getting into the journal writing business. I guess it’s a way to express ourselves, and to let others know how we’re feeling. All I have to say is, I WAS SECOND!!!! lol. The first person I knew with an online journal was Joe from SFSU’s AACF, unfortunately, I haven’t been checking his entries at all, but you may want to check out http://www.frogslife.net some time, as I’m sure it’s still a great site for reading what’s on Joe’s mind, and he just has so much to talk about all the time!! goodness gracious.

Well, I’m trying to find some old old old school weird Chris Tomlin visiting the campus of Texas A&M along with Exit 10, cuz the harmonies that Candi Pearson did were just awesome! ahhhh. Anyways, just trying to listen to some stuff tonight. Maybe I’ll get inspired to do a certain song on the CD.

Oh yeah, a friend asked me about that MercyMe song “I Can Only Imagine.” It’s a really good song, but I dont’ think I would want to put it on the cd. I dont’ have the voice to do that one, and I wouldn’t want to ruin such a good song. She just suggested that I’d do it for worship sometime though, so I may. =)

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Elisa’s Birthday

Well yesterday it was Elisa’s birthday. Didn’t do all that much, but it was enjoyable. I met up with her at her place at like 1:45 (was early by 15 minutes, oh well), and we went to stonestown to do some shopping and to return something. I had told Janet and Justin I would be going to stonestown earlier, so I tried giving them a call, but Janet’s phone wasn’t on or they were swimming or something. Later on when we were in Illuminations, Justin called, but we never met up. They just went shopping and we did too. Elisa was looking for some new purse thingy and kept looking at shoes. How many shoes do girls really need? Oh, forgot a cool fact, I bought a cool candle at Illuminations! It’s a scented candle that smells like Pear!! whooooooo. Great smell. Ahhhhhh. Ok, anyways, after Stonestown, we headed to irving street so she could get a hair cut, while I just sat there, haha. Then we met up with her bf Andy at the golf course they both worked at last summer. We did 3 holes on the course, but we were so bad and holding up other players from putting, so we just went to the driving range, and hit balls till 7:30. We met up at Elisa’s church to go to dinner, but it was actually a surprise thing we had dinner there with stuff from Pasta Pamodoro. Goooood food, even better Garlic bread. It got late (well, I was just really tired) and headed home at 9:30, and it took me like an hour to get home, but strangely I was really awake, and listened to Jars of Clay the whole way down. Sang along and hit most of the notes too, whooo.
I figured out this morning that I can hit notes better for singing after I’ve been active or talking most of the day, because it works out my vocal chords. So days like today, where I just sit on the computer, it doesn’t do much for my singing voice, blah. =P

Also, just wanted to have a update on the adventures of Josh McNiel and a Frogs Life. He has a very cool, readable tv-movie plot of his life on his web site as the Season Finale he’s been working on so much. You did a great job Joe, I loved it! =P “I wish I could read it in the bathroom!” hahahah. Check it out at www.frogslife.net

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