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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Big Events at FLCC Auto Show! (well church, hehehe)

Service went well today. We did a lot of songs though, hah, and I had to practice them all right before service during worship practice (I knew all of the, but not sure if I played all of them before). Pastor Kevin had a very good message today on being Obediant to God. I felt like he was going to do a Altar call, but was sorta surprised that he didn’t (he did ask for some hands for people that struggled with being obediant to Him). After service I had a bunch of papers I had to print up, but the computers were all acting funny, hah. Pastor Sandra had me print and deliver some papers for her while she was away, so I needed to get them out before the meeting next week. Found out the HS class had no teacher today, but I couldn’t go in and do anything since I needed to get those papers done, heh. Tim stepped in and talked about camp and hung out with them and stuff though, so it was alright.
After church we went over to Lisa Chui’s house. Hung out, played ping pong (and some CRAZY round robin style ping pong) ate pizza, and just hung out pretty much, hah. Oh and played mah-jongg. Grrr, man, I was so dumb playing mah-jongg today!! I falsely declared, not only once, but TWICE!!! aiya, so horrible.

At 5:30 at church we had a potluck dinner thing as a goodbye party for Pastor Valerie. Pastor Val was our children’s pastor at our church for about 4 years now, been awhile. It was a good gathering with fun and food, and friends. 3 Fs, whooo. hehe. A few of the kids were playing around with me left and right. Pastor Kevin has the cutest kids though, they go in the order of Matthew, Nicholas, Andrew, and Cameron. Cute kids, hehe. Nick and Sara Chin were messing around with me when I was sitting there and eating. =P

I felt bad today as I was around the 280/380 intersection. It was then that I realized how easy it was for me to find parking at church, when it took Lisa Lau like 10 times around the block before she gave up and just parked in the church parking lot. I remembered that I prayed for parking right as I was in the park coming over to Fulton, but I never gave God thanks for the space once I had it. Blah, thanked Him there for it though. =) God is good, through even the little things like praying for parking spaces.

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