What a LOOOOONG weekend!

Gosh, that was a long weekend. Friday till now pretty much. Doh, my phone’s just about outta batteries too cuz too many people play games all day on my phone! Lesse…what all happened….Helped out with worship on Friday and stuff. Brought all my junk stuff (amp, volume pedal, stand, guitar) only used bout half of it though on friday (brought it all for worship practice for next Friday which never happened…I’ll explain later…).
Saturday = The day to do NOTHING. I didn’t do anything Saturday, what a boring day, haha. Oh wait, I went shopping and ran some errands (like buying khaki’s to wear on Sunday cuz I forgot my clothes down in San Jose, hah, oh well). Also went to pick up the tape at Western that some people are supposed to sing at the Grad Banquet, but it ended up being the wrong tape!!! aiya! oh well.
Sunday went smoothly…well somewhat, but was one of the longer days of the weekend. Started with church and worship in the morning. Survived that, it was also Pastor Ed and Rachael Loftin’s last sunday with us. Pastor Ed led worship on sunday also. Anyways, Sunday continued with a cancelled until Monday Night “Sanctuary” practice and we went over to Sara’s after shopping and chilled there and ate A LOT of potstickers, sushi, and pizza, yum. I had to leave early from that (while they were watching Finding Forrestor, a GREAT movie), to head over to San Leandro and kick it with some AACF people at Alison’s BBQ. Yum, what a great way to start off summer, some good food everywhere and just being stuffed with food for 4-5 hours. mmmmm.
Anyways, Monday may have been the longest day. Woke up and headed out to Guitar Center on Memorial Day morning to see what stuff was on sale (they always have big sales on holidays). Found NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. Couldn’t even find their Avalon U5 that I’ve been wanting really bad, argh. Anyways, after that I picked up Justin from his place and headed over to church where we met with Tiff and planned for the Grad Banquet. Eric came, then Janet and Michelle and we worked on that until around 2pm. Went to eat at….Oh, Fresh Choice where we messed around like the lil punk High Schoolers they all are (well cept Justin and Me), but it was fun. Went to Party City, and Target, and that’s about it. Went back to church to work on everything else and for worship practice but Eddie forgot about it and Helen couldn’t come, so we basically scratched practice until Friday afternoon. Ugh, oh well. Went home after a long day at church and with youth and talked on IM till I went to sleep. Slept for like 12 hours last night, ahhhh, what a relaxing night.