Weird Dreams and Other Things

LOL, what a weird dream today. Wont’ go through all the details (as with most dreams I don’t remember about half of it), but it ended with the ship my family was on crashing in the ocean, but I recovered my Taylor guitar, but it had teeth holes all in in, and I questioned if insurance would cover it, LOL. Long story, if you want to know about it sometime, just ask me about it, haha. Other than that, nothing much is going on, getting ready for more of the CD Project, but have to wait for the mixer to get back here, then I’ll have the vocalist come in and do their vocals, since most of the guitar stuff is done. Dunno how we’re gonna do drums yet, I thought about Patrick’s drum set for awhile, but now I heard that Pat might be staying down in Irvine all summer, that’ll suck, ahh well. We’ll figure out something, God will provide! =)