Chet Atkins SST

Lol, most of you who read this have no idea to what that title in green letters means. =P It’s a guitar! hehe, big surprise right? Well I was at guitar center today picking up some Hot Rods (drum sticks) for the youth dept. and I stopped into the acoustic guitar room for abit. Now this Chet Atkins technically isn’t an acoustic guitar…but sorta is. It’s a hollow-body, meaning that the inside is hollow (erm…duh). It has no sound hole, and holes up against feedback very well. Two very good rythm guitarist play these, and man, it’s a nice guitar! (oh, the two guitarist who play them are David Crowder, and Dave Matthews, heh, each respectively hold there own in the music worlds). =P
Anyways, the Chet that I saw was on sale for 899$ because it was used. Wow, it was nice, a nice sunburst finish, that I’ve only seen on a few Chets (David Crowder has one with a sunburst finish). It had a few small dings in it, but man, it was still nice. The strings stunk on it though, very old. I was talking to the clerk and he said that it would be released to sell in 5 days (in used equipment, they hold on to it for 30 days for police check). I could put it on layaway, but it would be 250$ down, and I would have 30 days. Hrm….could be a challenge….hehe, wonder if I should do it, haha.

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