Lalala, Half Weekend Update

Well Pat and Erik came over late on Thursday night, erm, wait, I just read that I posted about that already….ok. Well the beach was cool, but REALLY cold, haha. We met at Janet’s place and then headed out to Baker Beach over by 25th Avenue. We played some Boggle out there on the beach and hung out only for about a half hour until some of us had to get to church for Prayer and Worship Practice. Lisa’s car went out to eat (forgot where) before worship. Friday’s service went well. Janet led games by doing that game “Bitty Bitty Bop” hahaha. It was slow at first, until everyone understood it and got into it. Justin spoke tonite and I think it went really well. He spoke about how we serve an Inconvienant God, ie, we only make time for God, under our conditions, and how it seems inconvienant for us to make time for Him. During prayer, I felt the urge to say something in a matter of encouragement, but also so that God would do a work in people, but Justin went up and said something else, so I didn’t get a chance to. I hope that even though I felt like I was supposed to say something, but didn’t, that God wasn’t mad at me for not saying it or something. Just as I felt like God was telling me to say it, Justin went up, so I decided to leave it be, since he sort of went off in a different direction of praying. *shrug* I dunno.
Afterwards a few of us (well just Lisa’s car load and mine) went off to Crepevine over in Sunset. It was a fun time to just hang out, and Mike Misland also came out with us to eat. During eating, Justin noticed someone else in the restaurant and it was some guy named Jaime (I think) that was on the New Orleans edition of The Real World on MTV. I (and most others of us) had no idea who he was, since we don’t have cable, but Lisa Chui went crazy, and screamed, and caused a lot of attention in the restaurant. It was pretty funny. We talked to him for like a minute, and then just let him be. Lisa Lau left to drop off Janet, and later she called me because of a strange situation that Janet was in, which I won’t really go into, but we prayed for her as we sat there.

Today a bunch of us guys had a get together and went out to watch “The Fast and the Furious”. It was a pretty interesting movie, and I think most of the people were cast pretty well, but it could have used a few more race scenes, and maybe a lil less plot. I was going in expecting a really fun, action packed, race movie, and really just wanted to go in and be entertained, but it was a lot of plot in a small movie like that. *shrug* Afterwards, we all went to my house and then dropped Justin off and the rest of us (Joe, Gordo, Eric and I) went to Mel’s Drive-In to eat, then went home.

I’m currently watching the Simpson’s Movie Marathon =P It’s pretty cool. The Simpsons is a great show, and I’m always surprised to hear how the people do so many of the voices of different characters. Check sometime to check out who does what voices (just type Simpsons into the search part).

That’s about it for now. I have worship practice early tommorrow, and I forgot my shoes again! oh no, oh well….I’ll just have to keep remembering to bring them.

current mood: bouncy