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Well here goes the 2nd time trying to post this. Let’s see if I can.

Since I don’t have an entry in this catagory yet, or have not really talked about this at all, I’ll share about what guitars and gear I use.

// Guitars //

1999 Takamine EG-334 – This is my first guitar. Ovankol backs and sides, spruce top, all laminated. It doesn’t sound that great unplugged, but plugged in it sounds pretty good (with good highs). It’s something about that takamine pickup. I’m actually surprised I still have this guitar after this long. I hardly use it anymore, other than when my Taylor may be at church or in San Francisco, and I may be selling it to my roommate soon (at the end of the summer).

2000 Taylor 810BCE – Ahhh, my bread and butter. Mmm, mmm, I love this guitar. It’s my workhorse, and I

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Heh, I just watched Justin Lin’s, “Better Luck Tomorrow” and just wanted to open a dicussion on it. Anyone else watch it? Anyone else think that the character Ben, slightly resembles Koo? haha (I started thinking about it, and maybe it’s a combination of Koo and I, lol, I dunno, I’m weird).

Pretty good movie, very interesting, and kinda dark. I’m glad to see MTV take a chance with it, and helping to put it in theaters all over the country. The audience where I viewed it was mostly asian, yet there were a bunch of caucasian folk who watched it. Strangest of all, I saw in a row right behind us that there was an older caucasian couple (probably mid 50s or 60s) who watched the movie. I almost wanted to ask them what they thought. The acting was ok, not superb, but it probably will open the door

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Well 4th of July passed (as well as my Dad’s bday (7/01), and my Mom’s bday too (7/4). We didn’t really celebrate it, but I got them stuff, hehe. Anyways, the 4th of July was a never ending decision making process. At first we were going to go down to my place in San Jose, since it was warm, and we could barbaque there (course it would be HOT too). We decided Tuesday night at prayer night not to. We were then gonna go to Baker Beach, and bbq and hang out, but Wednesday morning when Gordo and Patrick went there, it was already all filled up and the grills were all taken. So we ended up back at my place to decide what to do. We decided to go to Patricks and BBQ there (which was good, since he had a BBQ grill too, hah). So we hung out

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Well Pat and Erik came over late on Thursday night, erm, wait, I just read that I posted about that already….ok. Well the beach was cool, but REALLY cold, haha. We met at Janet’s place and then headed out to Baker Beach over by 25th Avenue. We played some Boggle out there on the beach and hung out only for about a half hour until some of us had to get to church for Prayer and Worship Practice. Lisa’s car went out to eat (forgot where) before worship. Friday’s service went well. Janet led games by doing that game “Bitty Bitty Bop” hahaha. It was slow at first, until everyone understood it and got into it. Justin spoke tonite and I think it went really well. He spoke about how we serve an Inconvienant God, ie, we only make time for God, under our conditions, and how it seems inconvienant

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Erm, sorry, I watched Chasing Amy yesterday (psycho weird flick), but still kinda interesting, but not as good as Kevin Smith’s other films (Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma, thou I disliked Dogma). Anyways, Pat and Erik came over last night after being in a chatroom and saying for them to come down, hah. We just hung out and played guitar and jammed and stuff. Supposed to head up to SF in a little bit and do some beach hang out thing when we meet at Janet’s. Should be interesting. Justin’s speaking for YouthQuake today, he should do well. =)

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