Who’s hooooouse. Ron’s house!!! I said, Whoooooo’s Hoooouse? Ron’s House!

Erm, sorry, I watched Chasing Amy yesterday (psycho weird flick), but still kinda interesting, but not as good as Kevin Smith’s other films (Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma, thou I disliked Dogma). Anyways, Pat and Erik came over last night after being in a chatroom and saying for them to come down, hah. We just hung out and played guitar and jammed and stuff. Supposed to head up to SF in a little bit and do some beach hang out thing when we meet at Janet’s. Should be interesting. Justin’s speaking for YouthQuake today, he should do well. =)

Elisa’s Birthday

Well yesterday it was Elisa’s birthday. Didn’t do all that much, but it was enjoyable. I met up with her at her place at like 1:45 (was early by 15 minutes, oh well), and we went to stonestown to do some shopping and to return something. I had told Janet and Justin I would be going to stonestown earlier, so I tried giving them a call, but Janet’s phone wasn’t on or they were swimming or something. Later on when we were in Illuminations, Justin called, but we never met up. They just went shopping and we did too. Elisa was looking for some new purse thingy and kept looking at shoes. How many shoes do girls really need? Oh, forgot a cool fact, I bought a cool candle at Illuminations! It’s a scented candle that smells like Pear!! whooooooo. Great smell. Ahhhhhh. Ok, anyways, after Stonestown, we headed to irving street so she could get a hair cut, while I just sat there, haha. Then we met up with her bf Andy at the golf course they both worked at last summer. We did 3 holes on the course, but we were so bad and holding up other players from putting, so we just went to the driving range, and hit balls till 7:30. We met up at Elisa’s church to go to dinner, but it was actually a surprise thing we had dinner there with stuff from Pasta Pamodoro. Goooood food, even better Garlic bread. It got late (well, I was just really tired) and headed home at 9:30, and it took me like an hour to get home, but strangely I was really awake, and listened to Jars of Clay the whole way down. Sang along and hit most of the notes too, whooo.
I figured out this morning that I can hit notes better for singing after I’ve been active or talking most of the day, because it works out my vocal chords. So days like today, where I just sit on the computer, it doesn’t do much for my singing voice, blah. =P

Also, just wanted to have a update on the adventures of Josh McNiel and a Frogs Life. He has a very cool, readable tv-movie plot of his life on his web site as the Season Finale he’s been working on so much. You did a great job Joe, I loved it! =P “I wish I could read it in the bathroom!” hahahah. Check it out at www.frogslife.net

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Activities for Today

Well I don’t have to explain yesterday too much, since I didn’t do much, hehe. Today my plans are with an old friend, cuz it’s her birthday! =P I’m driving up to SF for today and celebrating Elisa’s 21st birthday (and supposedly she wants me to be the designated driver…uh oh). Blah, she told me she wanted to buy some drinks since it was her 21st birthday, whatever. Looks like I may be up in SF the whole day, hopefully it won’t be too late and I’ll be able to get back down to SJ at a reasonable hour.

Friends are Grand

Ya know… Friends are really great. God has really blessed me with people who do care about me and who are totally willing to pray for me. Praise the Lord! I’ve poured my heart out to a few people today (well yesterday) and they’re all praying for me, awesome aint it? Anyways, just thought I’d share that.

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Hiking up that Hill….

Psalm 24:3-6
Who may ascend the hill of the LORD? Who may stand in his holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false.
He will receive blessing from the LORD and vindication from God his Savior.
Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek your face, O God of Jacob.

Well, today things were really interesting…But good overall. After a long conversation with a friend, that person really spoke truth into my life. They told me how I wasn’t living right with God, and though it was really really hard to hear it, and even harder to take it, because I knew that it was true. I had to come to grips with myself, and realize that I wasn’t where I’m supposed to be with God. I’m off on the wrong trail, and awhile off from camp. The roads all looked the same, but they weren’t. In each direction I looked, I thought I was doing the right thing, but I really wasn’t. So anyways….in the mist of all that, I had a good talk with God today. I let out all my regrets, all my sadness, all my shame that I wasn’t close to Him, but that I wanted to be. I’m walking on the right path now, it’s a slow journey, but I’m on it again…
Thanks to that special friend who means a lot to me.

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