Weekend Update with Randy Wong

Whoooooooo, loooooooooooooooooooooong weekend here folks. I headed back to SF on Thursday afternoon, so you’ll get a nice 4 day weekend update (which feels like one of the longest weekends I’ve had in a long time, but enjoyable =) ).

Thursday started out with prep’ing for the Grad Banquet at church the next day. We all got there around 5-5:30ish and started at around 6:30. We finished at around 9:30, which is pretty late, but the skit crew were going through all their planning for the skit and rehersing and all that. It felt like a really long night, with moving a bunch of tables, and chairs and streamers and everything. Hah, we covered the windows too so that it would be more dark, since the light is still pretty bright at 8pm.

Friday was another long day, thou the morning seemed a bit uneventful. I didn’t do anything around the house until I left and met up at church at around 2pm. There I really didn’t do anything except help run errands, since I wasn’t in the skit (well, later I was, but that’s later, hah). Lol, we couldn’t find anything good for the Grad’s for gifts, so we ended up getting chocolate (course it was an executive decision by Janet, since I wasn’t at Walgreens with them, hah).
Prime rib was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Yum. Thanks Darrel. The salad was awesome too. Darrel made a Chicken Ceasar Salad, yum. The only problem with the night was that there wasn’t many people =(. Probably about…35 people over all I think, when we were expecting about 60 or so. We forgot to put the date on the flyers we sent out, and that may have caused some confusion =( oh well…. The skit went off well, hehe, was pretty funny and everything. Erik and Evelyn got the “mystery” right by gessing Sebastian/Eric as the killer, but someone said they cheated by waiting till they said it or something, hehe. Oh, Justin, Tiff, Melissa, and Helen also sang a song that they’ve been wanting to do (or Tiff has been wanting to do) for a while now called “Dreams I Dream for You” by Avalon. They did a good job =) Helen has a good voice, wow, hits some great highs. Anyways, after clean up that was Friday. =P

Saturday was the long day. Lisa had been planning this day/trip kinda thing for 2 weeks I think, and it went well overall =). We went out to Concord to Justin’s Dad’s place out there, since he has a pool. 4 cars went out there with…18 people I think…don’t remember the total number. We had TONS of food, omigosh, all for 5$ a person too, what a great deal (well minus the drivers, since we drove and used up atleast 5$ worth of gas, hehe). The pool was pretty big, 3 foot to 6 1/2′ deep. There was the sign that said “Maximum Occupancy: 15” that I just laughed at, cuz that pool could fit probably 25-30 people in it…well…low end of that, hah. Almost all I can remember from Saturday was food, food, food. Chicken Wings, Mini-tacos (yum), raviolos, sausage, and fruit, crazy amounts of fruit! haha. We also watched ConAir, prolly one movie I could have done without (Matrix baby! whoooo, ahh well, next time, hah).

Sunday was almost a typical sunday, cept longer. We had joint service with Pastor Au-Yueng speaking for it. Pastor Lim (Steven Lim) was also back in service this week. He got back on Saturday to be with his family here before he and his wife move out to Missouri. At 4pm we were scheduled to go move a bunch of things from all the offices (well except Pastor Valerie’s) because they’re all getting recarpeted today (monday). Wonder what the new carpets will look like and what kinda condition the church will be in when I get back there on friday (dunno if all the stuff will be moved back yet, probably wont….). After all of that we had some pizza and left. I drove Tiff and Ango home and headed down to San Jose. Surprisingly I didn’t go right to sleep (well, I got some rest after lunch and before 4pm), but hung around for a bit in San Jose at the house, and Derek came back down to SJ.

But now I’m bored again. Going to have to find something to do with this week, haha. I’m sure something will come up. =)

current mood: bored