Two More Songs Done!

Well I finished up two songs tonight. Well…then again, “finished” is a term used lightly. As the bass, electric, drums, etc, parts aren’t done on it yet (as well as the vocals too, doh). The two songs I did tonight were “We Are Hungry” and “Pour Out My Heart.”

Now the neat thing about these two songs are this, I decided to extend them a lil, by doing something for each song. For “We Are Hungry” I had a whole section in the middle for kinda whatever I wanted to sing. May it be for the Chorus1, a few times more, or the Chorus2 (We lift our holy hands up, we want to see You). Then as I was re-listening to it, and tweaking the end, I found that it was the same chords as “Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent” by David Crowder, and I decided to put that in there towards the end, then end with Chorus2. So yes, to make a long story short, I through in the Chorus of “Make a Joyful Noise” into it, for fun, and cuz it fits just really well.

Now for the other song, I noticed it was in a 6/8 beat/measure. Meaning that there’s 6 beats per measure. It’s kind of a swaying thing going on. Anyways, the song has a part that goes “In the safety of this place” with the chords being Am7, G, C. Well it’s the same chords of the one part in “All Who Are Thirsty” where it goes “As deep cries out to deep”, so I kept going on the “In the safety of this place” a gazillion (yes a gazillion..try to figure out how many that is! hah!) times, and then started singing “As deep cries out to deep, as deep cries out to deep, as deep cries out to deep, we sing Come Lord Jesus, Come” ala the chorus of “All Who Are Thirsty”. I played through the rest of that song as well, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep all of that, may just leave part of it (the part of the first time through the chorus).

Yes, so those are my recording woes. It probably took about…an hour and a half (1:30 minutes) to finish all that, as well as work on some editing and double guitar parts on some tracks. But it sounds good…though the beat went off a lil on “Pour Out My Heart/All Who Are Thirsty”. Well until next time, this is Randy, signing off…

current mood: accomplished