Easter, Good Friday, other Misc.

Well today is Easter. The day in which Jesus rose again. Thank you Lord for dying for me, that you went before us for all of our sins. I wanna be held by you, just rest in your arms. Lord, be my strength and my guidance. Take my tears and give me a joy from You.

I think back to a saying that I heard somewhere. “Never Lose the Wonder.” Though it may have not been said or used in a Christian term, I think it should be. If we ever take our eyes off of Jesus, His majesty, His righteousness, His Wonder, we lose what we’re supposed to be living for. I don’t want to lose the wonder of His love. Sometimes it seems so unfathomable to me, about how He could die for someone like me. How He loved me so much to do that, but it’s the same for all of us. We’re not righteous, not one of us, and yet Jesus died for us so that He could spend eternity with us, if we just offer our lives to Him.

This week has been a series of ups and downs. Work and relaxation (though mostly work I guess). I worked Monday-Thursday, and also did some work with the Easter Musical at my church, doing the sound for it. Over all, it was an enjoyable week, but kinda long. The musical went really well today, Lisa helped with the lights, and she did a really awesome job, and it was her first time! I’m so proud of her.

I guess the rest of today I haven’t been having all that great of a day. In fact it kinda sucked. =( It made me really sad about what happened, but I guess I won’t go into details about it.

current mood: heartbroken