New Printer, Weekend Report

Well, lesse what’s new. I bought a new printer last week. It’s a nice new color printer by HP, model 845c (lol, sounds like a Taylor Guitar model! hahahaha, ok…I’m just weird now). Anyways, I got it for just 64$ shipped!! Amazing huh? Check out for the latest deals on things (that’s where I got that printer, as well as my 17 cases of soda for 37$ shipped, hahaha).

Well the teams from Evangel and NorthWest came in over the weekend, mostly on Saturday. Ango actually came home on Friday night (well Saturday morning, at 2am), and the NorthWest people came in Saturday at around 6:20. I got to meet some of them at Pastor Kevin’s house and drive two of them out to Lily Dea’s (who lives in the bottom part of Phil and Nancy Wong’s house).

It’s been a long while since I’ve been out there, and boy, it sure took me a little bit to remember how to get out there. I kept turning on the wrong streets. Well, I finally made it there, and they got settled and stuff, and I drove Pablo back. I forgot my Guitar at PK’s (Pastor Kevin’s) so I made my way back out there, and found out that Evangel’s team had ALL of their luggage delayed till 10:40. I knew that PK and PSlim (Pastor Sanrda Lim, aka Slim, aka PSlim…yeah….) were pretty tired, so I offered to help Cliff pick up the luggage. We went over there and man, it was so frustrating. The lame “Rent-a-Cops” were around, or I guess maybe they’re just traffic control or something, but anyways, Cliff and I were parked there, and IN the car, yet they still told us to go around. So we went around about 3 times, and finally Cliff went into the short-term parking. We went to go look for the other guys who came with us (Greg and Scott) and got the bags and headed back. Now this was the interesting part. Trying to fit 18 people’s bags and sleeping bags into two cars. Cliff was driving the rental van (It’s a Windstar) and I have my accord. LOL. It was pretty funny. Really entertaining really. To see us moving each bag over to a different car, depending on where they lived (Cliff dropped off to 3 houses, since they were close, I just dropped them off at church in the morning). We were so realived when all the bags fit. ahhhh. =P

So anyways, the skits and human videos they did were great today. I hope to see them again on Wednesday, as well as at the park. I’ve seen Cliff do that one called Anchor before, but I forgot where at, but it was actually at our church, and the other person in it was Evelyn! I forgot how good Eve was at drama, wow.

I also had a long meeting with AACF again, planning for our praise night which is coming up March 20th. Lotta work, and a long meeting, but we had King Eggrolls. Yum yum. Ok, I’ve talked enough, this post is probably REALLLLLY long.

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