All is Quiet on the Northern Front

Hrm, strangely, I feel that I’ve had this title for a journal topic before. Anyways, It seems like everyone’s been getting into the journal writing business. I guess it’s a way to express ourselves, and to let others know how we’re feeling. All I have to say is, I WAS SECOND!!!! lol. The first person I knew with an online journal was Joe from SFSU’s AACF, unfortunately, I haven’t been checking his entries at all, but you may want to check out some time, as I’m sure it’s still a great site for reading what’s on Joe’s mind, and he just has so much to talk about all the time!! goodness gracious.

Well, I’m trying to find some old old old school weird Chris Tomlin visiting the campus of Texas A&M along with Exit 10, cuz the harmonies that Candi Pearson did were just awesome! ahhhh. Anyways, just trying to listen to some stuff tonight. Maybe I’ll get inspired to do a certain song on the CD.

Oh yeah, a friend asked me about that MercyMe song “I Can Only Imagine.” It’s a really good song, but I dont’ think I would want to put it on the cd. I dont’ have the voice to do that one, and I wouldn’t want to ruin such a good song. She just suggested that I’d do it for worship sometime though, so I may. =)

current mood: thankful
current music: All in All – 722