My webpage was updated by monkies….

Well I guess that statement isn’t entirely true, as I was the only one working on it, but alas, I was born in the year of the monkey by the chinese zodiac. (BTW: weird side note, anyone remember that weird “Zodiac Killer” back in the 80s? scared me a lot, haha).

So yeah, I did some work on my webpage tonight. It looks alright, though I’ll probably be changing it sometime. The pictures on the right frame were kinda cool, till I kept lowering the quality of them. Now they’re still at about 4K each, which I bet would still slow down a 56K modem, but I won’t be sure till I try it at home or something. Almost everywhere I go there’s atleast dsl now, except my house in SF. Lame…

So yeah, give a peak over at and let me know what ya think of it. None of the links on the left frame work yet, so yeah. Oh, and they won’t change color when you go over them….so dunno if people would like that or not.