My attitude lately on my thumb…

Well I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately (err, that sounds redundant, doesn’t it?). And I thought this about my situation:

Why am I being so stubborn and am almost to the point of giving up? I mean I didn’t lead worship this past Sunday, because I couldn’t play guitar. I didn’t lead worship today at fellowship, cuz of my thumb as well. But so what if I can’t play guitar? I remember a few years back, when I first felt the calling to do worship the rest of my life. I had felt so strongly about leading worship, that I once said that even if I lost both of my arms, and couldn’t play guitar anymore, I would still want to lead worship, and I would do it with a kazoo. (This was in a conversation with a fellow journey-man Elisa Yi of AACF@UCDavis) What happened to those days? Why does it seem like I’ve given up on my dreams of leading worship….

Now I haven’t necessarily given up my dreams of leading worship. This weekend actually I was sharing a little about that with a gentleman by the name of Matt Wagner. He was in town with his newly married wife, and our church’s previous Youth Pastor, Dawn Dais (Well now Dawn Wager). Anyways, he was going around the table of the restaurant and asking us what our Kingdom Dream was. Mine is something along the lines of worship. I told him that I knew my calling was to lead worship, and I plan to continue doing that for awhile. Now I’m not sure if God will have me just do things at the corporate level of churches for the rest of my life, but I did tell Matt that my ultimate dream would be to move out to Atlanta, GA and be involved with 722 and Passion out there in Georgia.

Life’s pretty different out there, and I got a big glimps of that when I was out there visiting in April. I said I was going to post some journal entries from that trip, but I never did….If I can find that folder again, I should, hehe. Ok, nuff said, I’m really tired today. g’nite

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