Sunday Service with the District Superintendent

“Are we in trouble??” is what one person in our congregation asked when they heard that our district superintended of the Assembilies of God was coming to visit (well and speak). No we weren’t in trouble, but rather he came with a very good message that talked about the Multi-Purpose facility that’s to come.

If you haven’t heard, at our church we’re planning a expansion of the 2nd floor. We’re making a multi-purpose facility that will go over the Bank, and the parking lot that is on the property of our church. It’s going to be a gym with a full sized Basket ball court, and two smaller courts overlayed on it. Sounds neat eh? As well as it functioning as a gym, it will also be the home of our youth group (and probably where our college group will meet as well). I’m hoping for it to be great. =)

Worship yesterday went well. Theresa led, with pretty much a full team. Millie and Helen sang, JD played acoustic and sang, I was playing electric and sang, Melissa played the keyboards, Gordon played the drums, and Helen Lee played bass. You could say it was a full team, lol. I guess we’ll be having it like that for a while though, since we’ll be doing the 40 days of purpose at our church.

I’m slowly getting better at electric. Still doing mostly a rythym kinda deal with playing, but it’s ok. Not like I would be able to judge myself how loud I can be (it’s stinking hard, they kept telling me I was too loud during practice when I couldn’t barely even hear myself, lol). Ahhh, just waiitng till Patrick gets back from school in June, then it’ll be cool with a lead guitarist. =)