We are looking for Volunteers who are out of college to serve at
OneDay03, May 24-27, Memorial Day Weekend.
There are many areas where you could serve: Registration, Camping,
Traffic/Parking, Food Service, Set-up and Tear-down. So if you are
interested, please visit and fill out a
volunteer application. The deadline to volunteer is May 1st and if you
have any other questions you can visit our website for a list of FAQ’s.
We currently have 807 people signed up to volunteer and we need to
double this number over the next 3 weeks. God can do it and we need your
help to spread the word. Thanks!

Jeremy McCasland
Volunteer Coordinator
sacred. holy. his.


Have you heard of OneDay03 ? If not…read
on….find out what Passion is
doing….find out where God is working…. Are you waiting for God to move
in this nation? Do you have a passion for God to move where you are? In your
school? On campus? At your workplace? In your church? Then check out what
Oneday03 is all about!
Catch the vision, join college students from all over the nation and world
at OneDay03!

“OneDay03 is a solemn assembly, a sacred gathering uniting college-aged
young people in worship and prayer, birthed out of a desire to see spiritual
awakening come to glorify God and to instill in this collegiate generation a
passion to live for the glory of His name.”
Can you hear it? “The sound of the redeemed?” It’s going to be AMAZING! A
body of college age students of all ages…praying, weeping, crying out to
God. A generation of worshipers, seeking God. A resounding song…hearts
joining together. Beating with the heartbeat of God.

God is moving in hearts all across America. Join Him in Sherman, TX! May
24-27, 2003!
Memorial Day weekend.
Hope to see you all there!!!

Forward this email to everyone on your list!!! And encourage them to email
it to everyone they know! For His Glory!