Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. A time of great celebration with our Lord, Jesus Christ. =)

BTW: I just finished reading the 11th book in the Left Behind series, “Armageddon.” They couldn’t have done a worse ending. And the whole book was full of death!! I almost regret reading it, and think, maybe I should have just read up till the 10th book, lol. At one point during the series (think it was like book 7 or 8) I kept thinking, what if Jesus comes back before all these books are done?? I want to find out what happens to the characters!! lol. Then I thought, well Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye can tell us stories in Heaven I guess about what happens to them. Woulda been neat too, lol. But alas, only about 7 more months till the series it over! Crazy. I started reading them when the 3rd book came out, hehe. A long time now.