On the Road Again….

Heh, well not really, the title just sounded cool and I hoped you would read it.

I love Steve’s CD. Go buy it now!! Click here to buy!. It’s just super. 11 songs, straight from Steve’s heart to God’s, (but songs we can all love and grab on to as well). I’m kinda debating on doing one of them this Sunday (that What Else Can I Do song).

This is week 2, of our 6 week series on The Purpose Driven Life. I’m leading worship along with the band, and the weeks focus is on Worship, so what better week to lead. I have a few songs in mind, and after meeting with Pastor Kevin today, I have a few more. I’m almost at a mix posistion to do two songs. One is that What Else Can I Do song by Steve Fee that I posted in my journal not too long ago. It’s a great song that talks about worship, and declares that there’s nothing else we can do but worship Him. The other song which is new, and I’m thinking about doing is one of Charlie Hall’s songs called “One Thing”. I’ll post the lyrics in the extended entry for ya’ll.

On a side note, OneDay03 is coming up fast. Stupidly, I registered twice. I can’t find my first registration email, so I thought I hadn’t registered, and registered again before the 2nd price-change. Now that it’s after April 18th, it can’t be refunded either, but I can have it transfered to a person. So if any one of you who reads my journal hasn’t registered for OneDay03 yet (full pass with camping), please let me know by emaling me ASAP!

Things are looking pretty good for our OneDay03 trip. There’s about 13 of us who are going to be camping together, and strangely, I’m like the middle man of the whole expedition (I know like 10 of the 13 people going, hah). Fun stuff. It’s kinda hard to coordinate everything though. If you’re interested in camping with us crazy asians, shoot me an email as well. Or post a comment, and join us in our yahoo group, The Road to OneDay03.

Ok, enough for tonight, time for sleep, and another long day tommorrow, oh, I may go to Dave & Busters! w00t w00t!

One Thing by Charlie Hall

Single minded, whole hearted
One thing I ask
Single minded, whole hearted
One thing I ask

That I may gaze upon Your beauty, oh Lord
That I may seek Your holy face
That I may know You in an intimate way
And follow after You all of my days
Follow after You all of my days

All of life, it comes down to just one thing
And that’s to know You, oh Jesus
And make You know…

(based on Psalm 27)