Steve Fee’s New CD, “Sacred Space” & 722 stuff

Just ordered Steve Fee’s CD “Sacred Space” this week. (It came out tuesday actually, ordered it tuesday as well). It hasn’t come yet though. Lots of great songs on it. Out of like 12 songs, I haven’t heard like 3 of them, and the rest of them I love, and would love to incorporate into my worship when I lead. I jammed with JD and Helen today after worship practice and played them one of Steve’s songs called “Captivate.” Beautiful song.

I still remember when Lisa and I first heard it and tried to figure out all the words. We had to listen to it like 4 times to get it all (it was kinda hard to figure it out). He’s done that song probably about 3 times now at 7:22 (with this week being the 3rd). Good stuff, I can’t wait for the CD. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll be any appearances by Candi Pearson on it, but there may be I guess. Ahhh, how I miss that girl and her great voice….

Oh, I also just saw on the 722 webcast that Anna LaPlaye is leaving 722 and moving back to California after 2 years. Crazy, didn’t know she was from Cali originally. Hopefully things will still run smoothly without her there. She was pretty much in charge of the day-to-day things at 722. Making calls, setting up different teams, organizing people to do things, etc. A real power-house for them. At the same time, this leaves a posistion open… haha, Randall in Atlanta? oh geez…that sounds crazy… but I am pretty crazy, and it does seem fun and an enlightening experience.