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It’s too early….

Man, it’s like 8:30, and I need to head off to work, but it’s so early!!! ahhhhh. I’m gonna die going into work this early. *sigh* oh well.

I’m feeling a lil down too, so it doesn’t make going into work early any easier either. I just wanted to lay in bed and sleep all day. hah!

current mood: disappointed

Work Work Work

Wow, what a busy day yesterday and today. We’re busy doing returns about the whole story, because of Christmas. Whatever didn’t sell, we’re trying to sell back to the company that we ordered it from (which is kinda neat, thought they would just make us store it till next year, lol). Anyways, since I’m now in the music department, I was busy doing a bunch of Christmas returns. We filled up a WHOLE WHOLE big cart, and it was probably atleast 3000 cds that we’re returning to 8 different companies. The biggest return was Avalon’s Christmas album, “Joy”. We’re returning 441 of those CDs. And I had to peel off every single Berean UPC sticker from them. Luckily, by that time, Sandy (one of the Office Associates) gave me a “Scraper” which has a edge that you can peel things off, or scrap them off. Too bad I didn’t have that earlier when I was doing all the rest of the Christmas CDs and my nail started peeling up, EWWW.

A few new worshp CDs are in the store now, but aren’t that great.

I’m wanting to do a few more songs in the next couple of days, probably will be doing “Here I Am to Worship”, as well as “Pour Out My Heart” and ” We Are Hungry”.

I need a program that will find out BPM, or Beats per Minute, so if you know of one, let me know, ASAP! Thanks!

No “Never Looking Back”

dern it, Berean didn’t have it in stock yet. It’s offically out by Vineyard, but I guess Berean didn’t get in their shipment yet. They said any day now (that’s most likely 2 weeks, lol, knowing stores). Been doing a little rearranging of stuff around the house. Went out and boutght toilet paper and garbage bags today too, much needed stuff (since we were out of both, heh). Blah. =)

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current music: Passion (Rutgers Live) – Singleminded, Wholehearted