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MusiciansFriend.com, Avalon U5 (yet again), LuteHole Soundcovers, Kyser Capos, oh my!

Brent brought up a good point today in a reply that Musicianfriend sells then (at 539$, eeeep) but with a 45-day return policy. Course I would have to pay the shipping back…but I think I’ll wait until summer to buy one, ahhhh. Then all next year it’ll be doing camps and such and ministry to pay it off? lol. Anyways, it was kind of funny that Brent mentioned Musician’s Friend, cuz I just bought some stuff from them today and it was delivered today. Bought two more keyser capos, a 10$ (nice thou) tamborine, and a LuteHole Soundhole cover. www.kyser.com and www.lutehole.com
LuteHole’s are really cool. They fit into your soundhole and block out most of the feedback that happens when you have monitors facing you and your guitar coming through the monitor. Extremely helpful for myself, because I love the sound of my Taylor’s OnBoard Blender system, where it uses an internal mic, but it’s a big hassel to try and get to work with monitors. Now I can do it easily, ahhhhh. The only problem was that I messed up the order and got a darker colored LuteHole. I wanted the maple, but I forgot to change which one I wanted on the site, and ordered a Cherry Wood, which is about the color of Claro Walnut or Cedar.
Looks like no updates for a few days while I’m up in San Francisco for church this weekend, unless I log on via my parent’s computer. Have fun reading more of this stuff.

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First Entry

Hehe, just sitting back and watching the Simpsons on UPN! w000t! What a great show. Now you guys all get to read about my boring life, isn’t it great? hehehe. I learned how to play Psalm 145 today, which is by a great guitarist/vocalist/worship leader from Texas, Shane Barnard. It’s a really cool song, with a neat chorus and great dynamics to the whole song. Ask me to play it for ya some time and I prolly will, hehehe. Think that’s about it for now. Check ya’ll later.