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Ohhhhhhmygosh, I want one of these Avalon U5 DI Boxes. Shane Barnard uses one and it makes soooooooo much of a difference. I want to try to go to Guitar Center tommorrow and check out how it sounds and everything. The retail cost on it is 595$!!!! Maybe one day when I’m rich I’ll get one, lol. Or all of you reading this can someday get me one for my …

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Wow, 3 people are on my shoutcast server right now. How cool. Distrubuting music to the world. Once again check out my 24/7 (except weekends) Praise & Worship Shoutcast Server at Click the listen button and have WinAmp to start it up. current mood: ecstatic current music: Shane Barnard – Psalms – 11 – May the Works of My Mouth

Hehe, just sitting back and watching the Simpsons on UPN! w000t! What a great show. Now you guys all get to read about my boring life, isn’t it great? hehehe. I learned how to play Psalm 145 today, which is by a great guitarist/vocalist/worship leader from Texas, Shane Barnard. It’s a really cool song, with a neat chorus and great dynamics to the whole song. Ask me to play it …

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