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Avalon U5 DI Box…..I WANT ONE!!!

Ohhhhhhmygosh, I want one of these Avalon U5 DI Boxes. Shane Barnard uses one and it makes soooooooo much of a difference. I want to try to go to Guitar Center tommorrow and check out how it sounds and everything. The retail cost on it is 595$!!!! Maybe one day when I’m rich I’ll get one, lol. Or all of you reading this can someday get me one for my birthday…it’ll just take like…..40 of you chipping in like 20$ each….like that’ll ever happen, hahah. Oh well I can always dream.
AACF went well today, small meeting since everything’s gearing up for the Finals….oops, I said the F word…lol. But small intimate time.

current mood: envious

First Entry

Hehe, just sitting back and watching the Simpsons on UPN! w000t! What a great show. Now you guys all get to read about my boring life, isn’t it great? hehehe. I learned how to play Psalm 145 today, which is by a great guitarist/vocalist/worship leader from Texas, Shane Barnard. It’s a really cool song, with a neat chorus and great dynamics to the whole song. Ask me to play it for ya some time and I prolly will, hehehe. Think that’s about it for now. Check ya’ll later.